YouTube – Shopify: New Partnerships, New Live Shopping Features!

You got it right: YouTube has partnered with Shopify to offer a new live shopping tool for all users to buy products without leaving the website…

A partnership that will transform the opportunities for brands

In its current state, shopping on YouTube is entirely possible, but not very convenient. Manufacturers can add links to their products in the description, which takes you to another website where you can view the product and decide whether or not to buy it. While it’s a nice addition, it’s not really what YouTube sees as the future of shopping.

By announcing its partnership with Shopify, YouTube is making a new purchase option available in the Explore tab to all content creators starting next week. Without leaving the platform, users will be able to shop directly from a brand’s YouTube channel.

The partnership, called YouTube Shopping, builds on an existing partnership with Google, and will allow merchants to integrate their online store with YouTube, which reaches more than 2 billion monthly users.

According to Kaz Nejatian, VP of Product at Shopify:

“Commerce is multi-channel today and YouTube is one of the most influential channels on the planet. Shopify’s new YouTube integration will fundamentally change the opportunities for independent brands in the creator economy. We are on YouTube to push the boundaries of D2C commerce Excited to expand our long-standing partnership with Google. »

Towards a better shopping experience on YouTube

SaaS-based e-commerce platform Shopify essentially allows merchants to build a storefront that can then be managed as a standalone site. It can also be integrated into partner platforms – these integrations are typically optimized for each platform in terms of product performance. The product can then be purchased on these platforms, with Shopify taking care of the logistics of the transaction.

So someone watching a video on YouTube might see a list of items on the page that a creator thinks they might be interested in. If you watch videos on a tech YouTube channel, you may see gadgets you can buy using Shopify directly from the page. Creators can manage the products included in YouTube Studio’s “Shopping” tab.

Shopify merchants can sell their full range of products on YouTube Shopping in three ways:

  • Shop tab: A new tab is added to a merchant’s YouTube channel to display all of their products;
  • Video: Merchants can display a list of products under On-Demand Video;
  • Live Stream: They can tag and pin products at key times during the live stream. Picture-in-picture reading is what consumers can see when they make a purchase.

YouTube tops product search

According to “Global Voices: Cross-Border Shopper Insights,” a global consumer survey conducted by e-commerce company ESW, YouTube is ranked as the top social network used to discover new products across all groups. Demographics, with the exception of Baby Boomers. Among Gen Z survey respondents:

  • 55% said YouTube is a primary search channel (linked to Instagram);
  • Generation Y or like 53% of Millennials;
  • and 47% of Gen X respondents.

For now, YouTube said the new pay-site features will be rolled out to creators in the US, with no mention of other countries, including France. Creators must also meet certain eligibility requirements to activate YouTube’s new purchase features. Another required criterion: creators must have at least 10,000 subscribers.

Source: YouTube, Shopify

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