YouTube is testing “Search Insights” for a better content marketing strategy

To help you optimize your content marketing strategy, YouTube is working on a new search analytics feature for YouTube Studio. This will provide search analytics information regarding both your channel and content as well as general search queries…

YouTube Studio to manage your YouTube channel

YouTube is working on a new analytics feature for YouTube Studio that provides insight into what users are searching for on the platform, both for:

  • Your exclusive channel and content;
  • More general search queries.

As a reminder, YouTube Studio is where you manage your YouTube channel. It gives you all the functions and information you need to manage your channel in one place. you will be able :

  • Download and edit videos;
  • manage live streams;
  • View analytics data for who viewed your videos;
  • read and respond to comments;
  • Manage Settings.

To access this tool, simply click on its icon in the top right and tap on the option ‘YouTube Studio’.

Search Insights: Two separate tabs for search queries

Called “Search Insights,” YouTube Studio’s new feature is currently in the testing phase, eventually being available in the Analytics tab. It will come with two different tabs to find the questions.

first tab

The first tab is used to provide a list of what your users are looking for. This is an in-depth look at what people who frequent your content are also searching for on YouTube with the following information:

  • the main topics of interest to your audience;
  • the overall search volume of each;
  • How much traffic your channel has driven based on each query.

The “content gap” tag also offers to filter these lists based on search queries that do not return a high amount of matches. By highlighting these questions, creators will be able to focus on creating content that aligns with discoveries that are not currently offered by videos available in the app.

second tab

The second tab, “YouTube Search” provides data on the most common search queries based on any given keyword. If you want to know the most popular searches for “how to” on the platform, you can simply enter “how to” as your search term and voila.

Narrow down the list to “content gaps only” for a list of some of the most searched “how-to” terms that are not currently provided by Straight Align Videos.

In this query, using “Chromebook” as the keyword query, these are the most common Chromebook-related searches that don’t have a directly correlated YouTube video, which could uncover new opportunities for your approach.

Very Valuable Tool for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Similar to Google Search Console Insights and Google Trends, Search Insights can be a very valuable tool that provides more information about what drives your YouTube channel traffic and how you can optimize your content efforts for yourself. Huh. align with these trends.

As a reminder, Search Console Insights is a new Google tool for content creators to gain insight into how your content is performing. Launched in June 2021, the Google Search Console Insights experience combines data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give you insight into how your content is performing. This snapshot shows trends, performance and user activity for your pages.

But it’s not live yet. YouTube says the new module is still being tested, with expansion coming soon. YouTube Studio now has several features that give you more flexibility when publishing videos.

Source: Creator Insider, Social Media Today

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