YouTube is testing emoji reactions too!

YouTube has started testing an exciting new feature that will allow users to express themselves while watching videos. Like WhatsApp, the platform tests emoji reactions on videos…

youtube test timed responses

Sometimes a YouTube video deserves more subtle comments than just a comment, “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” YouTube is currently testing specific emoji reactions for a small group of users.

In addition to its timed comments feature, and to compensate for the removal of the dislike button, YouTube has begun testing a new experimental feature: time bound responses, Viewers will soon be able to add emoji-based reactions to a specific part of the video. This will help them to highlight that specific part of the video or express their feelings more freely.

Reactions using a whole set of emoji are very popular today and are actively implemented by many social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp. They allow you to show not only a liking, but also other emotions, for example sadness, nervousness, anger or laughter. In the case of YouTube, these reactions take on a whole new meaning.

Timed response feature is mainly a Expanding the “Timed Comments” Experience From last year that allows users to scroll through timestamped comments to reach a certain point in the video. YouTube says it has received positive feedback for the Timed Comments feature, hence the new feature.

is there at the moment Five emoji-based reactions (heart, confetti, sun, cry and blow) available to users. YouTube says it may add or remove responses based on user feedback in the future.

According to YouTube team representative Meghan:

“If you watch a video that is part of this experience, you can react and see the reactions of the crowd by opening the comment section of the video and tapping on the feedback panel. The test will also show you when other viewers respond (which will be kept anonymous – we won’t show who sent each response). We are testing multiple sets of reactions and will add or remove reactions as the experiment unfolds! ,

Simply, thanks to this new feature, users will be able to Post an emoji reaction at a specific point in the video, The feedback panel will appear in the comments section and you can also view other users’ reactions at the time corresponding to this text, albeit anonymously.

No further details were provided on this topic, but it’s reasonable to expect it to act similar to those already offered by other platforms like Facebook Live or Twitch.

Emoji reactions have been hit or miss on other platforms. Twitter, for example, experimented with emoji reactions to tweets last year, and the reactions were widely divided. But unlike tweets, videos are a longer medium and are more likely to generate multiple reactions. Creators on YouTube are also likely to receive more intense feedback from users with emoji.

Since the Feedback feature is currently available on a small number of channels, you might not see it right away. But make sure to keep the YouTube app updated on your smartphone. If you watch a video affected by this new tool, you should see a pop-up highlighting the experimental feature.

What do you think about this new YouTube Feedback feature? would you use it?

Source: Google

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