Your email database, the “new black gold” or a mostly useless robot? melanjoy test

We are in the 21st century and everyone is only talking about data, this is the new black gold of companies… Obviously, recovering data is good, but this data must still be usable, there is a value So that we can do something with it!

This common problem is also found in email marketing: collected email addresses, in addition to being simply invalid and unusable in the short term, may be “technically” valid, but with little added value “commercially”.. Thanks Robots, “disposable” email addresses, and other mechanisms that allow users to not provide their real email address when registering!

So how do you get out of this, restoring quality and trust to your email database, while gaining a reputation as an advertiser and getting more reads by your real users? We tested Melnjoy, a French and innovative solution for you that takes “email cleaning” to the next level and allows you to better separate the wheat from the straw…

Why is relying on email openings not enough today?

It’s true, there was a time when email marketing seemed simple and when it was enough to rely on your campaigns’ openings/clicks statistics to narrow down active contacts and keep only those who had genuine commitment.

But it is hardly possible to have such certainty from now on, as many technological changes limit actual access to these data (including “mail privacy”, for example security » from apple) and replace them with estimates that are not always very reliable. And that’s without counting marketing traps or other disposable, self-generated email addresses that sometimes distort statistics by pointing to openings that are however not human (nor desired!).

So yes the statistics still give a trend and help to see where we are headed, but it is difficult to make an informed choice when deciding whether to remove email addresses from our customer bases or vice versa.

Cleaning up your email database, double interest in email marketing

Let’s start with a small reminder for those who are not yet comfortable with the overall interest of these so-called “email verification” tools.

These tools are typically used to “refresh” an email database that has been in use for some time (or that hasn’t been used for several months), to remove “bounces”, those well-known email addresses that have not been used for several months. Time has become invalid.

Aside from the financial interest in returning bounces (write-only to current addresses), the main added value is above all linked to improving the reputation of the advertiser, who thus respects email best practices, email ISPs ( Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) and therefore more easily placed in the inbox rather than in the spam box.

And anyone who regularly sends out newsletters or other communications by email always knows the difficulties of getting to the inbox and the fines in terms of ROI of getting into spam…

Classic cleanup therefore has its place and is therefore a valuable aid in the context of slightly out-of-date or out-of-date email lists… can help you with data quality and therefore ROI!

What ? Well, by classifying so-called “legitimate” emails too closely

Really a Different Email Cleanup Tool

As you may have understood, Mailnjoy’s philosophy is not to be yet another email address/list cleaning tool as there are many already on the market, but to bring real added value to these last.

The main philosophy that gave rise to Melnjoy is that “a valid email is not necessarily a valid subscriber” … and it is based on this observation that he worked to sub-categorize the so-called “valid” to approximate weights. Is. commercial value of the latter. To fully understand the strengths of Mailnjoy compared to other email cleaners, take a look at the different classification categories offered during list checks:

Here we see the presence of 15 classification categories, where most competing solutions basically only provide 3 (valid/invalid/undetermined). This great categorization is a big advantage of Melonjoy, as it allows everyone to make unique choices and to place or delete slices of email addresses according to their needs.

However, if you want a more simplified view, similar to the more basic competing solutions, simply click the “Simplified Version” button to see this type of classification:

Pre-verify its email database: a free and very useful feature

We also appreciated the additional functionality offered by Melonjoy on “pre-verification” of lists: completely free of charge, it will view the loaded list in detail, indicate its level of cleanliness, and give personalized advice. :

A tool thought “easy to use”

Apart from these technical qualities, another aspect that we found interesting about this device is that it was designed to be easy to use.

This is how an email list is verified in 3 clicks: Once registered, all you need to do is upload your email list and start pre-analysis or verification.

Depending on the size of the list, this will take a few minutes or a few hours, and the automatic calculation of the remaining time still gives an idea of ​​the time required before the end of the verification:

Note: Very interesting bonus that we greatly appreciated and which almost never found anywhere else: the possibility to directly upload a file in CSV format containing several fields (surname, first name, email address, telephone, etc.) and ‘instead of is in. Same file embellished with validation columns.

This greatly simplifies the import/export of client files between the different tools in the marketing chain (CRM, email router, etc.).

Go further in categorizing emails? it’s possible !

For those who have always wanted more, Melonjoy has planned for this and provides an even more advanced level of analysis through its unit verification, which is called “deep validation”.

This level of analysis looks at new parameters (such as the age of the domain, the presence of the latter in known blacklists, if the email has a “social network” type orientation, etc.) to give an overall score. Find out and allow even better classification.

This mod can be used directly on the site or through the API (as well as its documentation) provided for free by Melnjoy.

usable directly on the site, in the API, or even in white label

The application can be used online as well as through automation (API or SFTP), and thus allows for simple connections with other devices in your email chain.

A space is devoted to the configuration of API and SFTP accounts, as well as options and documentation for installation:

Tips: Also note an interesting feature that isn’t often found: The tool is available in “white label” mode for professionals who want to integrate the Melonjoy engine directly into their emailing solution and resell it to their customers want!

To End: The Rolls Royce Of Email Classification

Melanojoy stands out as an innovative solution in terms of data quality for email marketing. Eager to offer the most accurate classification ever, Solutions is a great help both for guaranteeing that emails in its lists are still present (avoiding Bounce), but for helping to keep only those who have Actual added value.

The solution works as a credit pack, allowing access to the various verifications listed in the article.

Note that for the most demanding (and you have to be!), on special request, Melonjoy can guarantee that your data will be processed exclusively in France! And of course, the solution is fully GDPR compliant.

To give you a better idea of ​​the potential of the tool, free credits are offered for registration and you have the option of requesting a product demo if needed. The company is French and the team (besides very friendly) responds to requests quickly. Feel free to contact them to discuss your custom projects.

Article written in collaboration with Mailnjoy.

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