You may be able to read YouTube videos directly in News Feed…

Twitter has announced the launch of a new trial on iOS to play YouTube videos directly in the News Feed. Users will no longer have to exit the app to watch videos. Not bad is it?

YouTube video directly in Twitter user feed

If users click on a YouTube link shared in a tweet, they are automatically exited from the app and redirected to Google’s video platform.

You’ve probably seen it yourself in Twitter’s iPhone and iPad apps. You must first tap on a Tweet for the built-in video preview link to appear, but tapping on that link opens the video to the YouTube mobile website within the Twitter app. Of course, you can click the banner at the top of the “Open YouTube” heading to send the URL to the native YouTube app, but that’s too many steps for a simple task like viewing a YouTube video in your timeline.

For many users, this can be frustrating. They are interrupted while browsing their own feed, inadvertently redirected to another platform, and have to go back to the app after watching the video. But soon that may not be the case!

Twitter is currently testing a new feature to play YouTube videos directly in user feeds so users don’t have to exit the app. Also, after watching the clip, you can scroll smoothly.

Video Marketing: A New Feature for Getting Followers on Twitter

Twitter said in a statement that the trial would be a four-week experience and would be available to “a very small group of users in Canada, the United States, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

At the moment it is difficult to say when this feature will be rolled out for more users. There is always the possibility that user feedback will be very negative and Twitter will decide to end the test without a public launch, but given that it will be much more convenient than the current implementation, this is difficult to do. Imagine this is the end result. Being able to watch YouTube videos without having to switch to another app or web browser seems like a dream come true, and assuming there aren’t any major bugs in the way everything works, it’s possible that in the coming weeks. Twitter is rolling it in.

Before YouTube playback in the app is made accessible to as many people as possible, it won’t be surprising that Twitter is testing the feature with Android users as well. Twitter’s new features appear first on iOS, but Android testing should also be done to make sure it works well for everyone.

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