Year-end Purchasing Behavior and Digital Marketing Strategy

Black Friday, Christmas and the holiday season are some of the busiest times of the year for brands and businesses. To make the most of this year’s holiday season, follow these tips…

year end shopping behavior

The busiest shopping days have begun with Black Friday and will only get stronger as the Christmas and holiday season approaches. Keeping this in mind, Klarna, a specialist in payment, shopping and banking services, has produced Based on a study and online transaction data of 11,000 consumers in 11 countries around the world. Objective: To highlight their purchasing behavior at the end of the year.

This study gives us a comprehensive idea of ​​these shopping behaviors specifically for the Black Friday period. In the midst of this information, 5 particularly important dates Specific to the retail and e-commerce industry:

  • 31% of French people will do between 25 and 75% of their Christmas shopping during the Black Friday period;
  • 43% waited until Black Friday to make a big purchase (electronics, jewelry, furniture) and take advantage of bargains;
  • 54% of French people set an overall budget in advance of their Christmas spending and 52% already know what they are going to buy during Black Friday sales, which underlines the French people’s good preparation and planning. is;
  • 80% of French people like to spend their money on Christmas gifts during the holiday season. They are also 59% in favor of outings and restaurants and 26% for Christmas decorations.

In order, regarding the categories of products that France wants to buy as a priority during the holiday season:

  • 34% affect food;
  • 31% beauty;
  • 31% clothing and accessories too.

Based on this data, you can now optimize your digital marketing strategy for the Christmas and holiday seasons. Follow these tips:

analyze data

Your first step is to learn and analyze past performance based on data, including data from Klarna.

Also analyze statistics for your best-selling products, for example, or the days that had the best traffic. By analyzing this data, you can review what you would do again and what you could improve. Plus, you can use Google Analytics to get answers to some important questions that will help you figure out what you can improve.

Plan your marketing campaign

When planning your Christmas marketing campaign, you need to think about not only a central message and a series of actions, but also about logistics. Think about the resources you’ll need, both in terms of budget and team members.

Take advantage of all possible dates

Between Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas and New Year, November and December can be said to be a busy time for marketers. If you want to get the most out of your Christmas marketing campaign, make sure you stay active on all dates. As consumers increasingly begin Christmas shopping at the beginning of each year, consider launching offers and promotions before December if you haven’t already.

Seasonal PPC: Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is another great way to make sure your products or services are seen by a lot of people. Be sure to follow these steps:

  • Do seasonal keyword research;
  • create seasonal campaigns;
  • Write seasonal announcements;
  • Monitor campaign performance.

Like SEO, do seasonal keyword research and build seasonal campaigns accordingly.

Take advantage of email marketing

Send emails on specific days so customers don’t get showered with daily reminders. After all, even if you’re giving a nice gift, they don’t want their inbox to be filled with tons of spammy emails. Here are some important tips for using email marketing this holiday season:

  • clear your list : Start by cleaning up your email list;
  • Personalize your campaign: Talk directly to your customer;
  • section: Put relevant messages in front of the recipients most likely to convert;
  • Analyze Cart Abandonment : Send E-mail Of Supervision People who left goods in their basket without completing their purchase;
  • Promote daily deals in real time Using Email Marketing;
  • Remind them about the benefits of shopping online : No longer queues or chills, chill trips to stores… Introduce a sense of urgency to engage the consumer to buy a product now!

Create an emotion-based campaign

There is a close relationship between logic and emotion in Christmas and holiday marketing campaigns. Family, good deeds and happiness are the main themes of this time of year. To be content, be inspired by the spirit of Christmas and infuse comfort and joy into your campaign.

It goes without saying that Black Friday and Christmas are the biggest times of the year for brands and businesses. So now is the time to step up your digital marketing efforts and make the most of this golden opportunity.

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