Xiaomi or Chinese apple

Chinese smartphone makers are on the rise. is this the end of giants monopoly Samsung and Apple In the mobile phone market? let’s find out xiaomi brand Which, with its aggressive strategy, follows in the flower beds of the smartphone giants in China …

Xiaomi brand

Since 2010, the Xiaomi brand has enjoyed great success in China. In 2011, we note the release of Xiaomi mi1, In 2012, it’s his turn Mi2 and in 2013. From Mi3 And hongmi,

According to an article written in echoThe brand has overtaken Apple in the Chinese market.

undeniable advantages

Manufacturer Xiaomi Establishes itself with high tech products at lower prices than those offered by competitors. The brand makes huge savings by selling its products only on the Internet and due to the low communication budget. Goes out of stock almost immediately after each release, which initiates a sense of despair among those who wish to have these smartphone models and hence, who would expect to buy more in future releases.

Zoom on MI2S


If I tell you about this model, it’s full of facts because now I have Xiaomi Mi2s Smartphone,

Why did I choose this model?

To be honest, it was a gift, so I didn’t choose it and, to be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t have looked for it, wouldn’t have really cared about it. French market for brands other than those that existed at the time (my last phone was Samsung). In fact, the aggressive advertising strategies of these major major brands outperformed me…

My opinion on Xiaomi Mi2s

I am very satisfied with it. And yet, with me, a telephone lives dangerously because it drops quite regularly (and yes I admit it…). So when I see everyone around me with an iPhone with broken glass (if this happens very often) while my phone is like new after dozens (ok: hundreds) of falls, I’m in for a shock. I can underline great resistance to it.

Moreover, it is a very powerful smartphone, competing with the most popular mobiles in the market at large.

with LMi3. arrival of, the price of the Mi2s model has been slashed. It can be found today (in 32GB) for approximately between 250 and 300 euros.
These phones are not sold in France but can be found on various sites (Xiaomi France, cdiscount, amazon…).

Mi2s. Main features of

  • system is running Android;
  • 4.3 inch screen;
  • HD resolution 1280 × 720 pixels;
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • Internal memory: 16GB or 32GB;
  • Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor;
  • Weight: 145 grams;
  • Dimensions: 126.2 x 62.0 x 10.2 mm.

point + : Customization of native app icons along with phone themes

Point – : I was still surprised to find myself Baidu By opening a browser and receiving Chinese language e-mails. Also, this model is not 4G compatible.

However, this phone shows decent performance (for its purchase price…).

Know more details about Xiaomi Mi2

Xiaomi Mi3

Compared to the previous model, the Mi3 is larger (5 inches) and offers a much more refined finish. Mi3 It is also fast when opening and running applications. The camera is also more efficient.

A competitor to Apple’s iPhone 5s

Mi3 presents itself as a serious competitorIphone 5s, The biggest difference between the two models? Price! Around €299 for Xiaomi Mi3 and €700 for Apple iPhone 5s.

Get a detailed comparison of these two models

and a position description for the Xiaomi brand

Xiaomi: other high-end products at very competitive prices

Xiaomi tablet

Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet strongly resembleapple ipad mini, Some people accuse the brand of openly copying the apple brand.

This 7.9-inch tablet is based on Soc Tegra K1 (Nvidia), has 2GB of RAM and 16 or 64GB of storage. It’s cheaper than the competition (it takes $300 for the 16GB model). It is currently only found in the Chinese market.

xiaomi tv

In addition to announcing the release of its new tablet, the manufacturer Xiaomi also revealed the release of a television: the Mi TV 2 49-inch, 4K screen, offered for less than 500 euros.

More Details on Xiaomi Mi TV 2 Television


Considering the performance offered by Xiaomi products and their very attractive prices, the major competitors in Europe and America will have to worry. According to Geek Journal, the brand will aim to expand its influence beyond its borders.

branding And this customer loyalty Affiliates would then become a very different factor to the world’s leading leading brands such as Apple or Samsung.

It will be about strengthening customers’ attachment to their brand so that they do not succumb to the “price” factor, the main asset of the Xiaomi brand.

To go further: Search for this article titled “Hey Xiaomi, it’s time to stop copying Apple” on the Xiaomi case and the similarity of its products to Apple products.

And you, would you be attracted to Xiaomi products?

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