Wix makes the web accessible to everyone with its new tool

Do you know how to make your sites accessible? Do you know your digital accessibility obligations and the applicable regulations in France? To improve site accessibility, Wix is ​​launching a new interactive solution…

Sites now Wix. accessible to all

More than a billion people worldwide rely on accessibility features to access web information and browse the Internet. These are tools intended to help people with disabilities view, understand, navigate and interact with the web.

According to Wix Accessibility Manager, Nir Horesh: “When websites are not accessible, some people cannot access them because of their disability. So, making them accessible has always been the right thing to do. There are four distinct motivations for accessibility – inclusion is the most important”.

Horesh explained that there is a business motivation behind the more accessible website, as people with disabilities make up about 15% of the population.

And you, do you know your digital accessibility obligations and the rules that apply in France? Do you know how to make your sites accessible? Very few professionals and users do not master it.

That’s why Wix has launched Accessibility Assistant to make sites accessible to everyone. Available to all Wix users, this website builder platform allows you to build, manage and grow your online presence through a variety of tools and features, including:

  • accessible site templates;
  • keyboard navigation;
  • alternative texts;
  • title tag;
  • Site language.

The Wix Owner app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

This interactive solution scans and locates all accessibility issues on the sites and provides instructions on how to resolve them. Thus it continuously and continuously improves the functionality for better accessibility of the sites and to improve the comfort of all the visitors.

web accessibility issue

The web is basically designed to work for everyone, regardless of hardware, software, language, location, or capability. When the web achieves this goal, it is accessible to people with a wide range of hearing, motor, visual and cognitive abilities.

Web accessibility means that the website, tools and technology are designed and developed in such a way that people with disabilities can use them. Specifically, people can:

  • understanding, understanding, navigating and interacting with the web;
  • Contribute to the web.

As an aspect of user experience (UX), developers can improve website accessibility by using universal design principles when building or redesigning websites. It can ensure that the disabled community can access a particular website using its assistive technology.

  • fair use;
  • flexibility of use;
  • Simple and intuitive to use;
  • intelligible information;
  • Tolerance to error;
  • less physical effort.

This also explains why most social networks offer automatic subtitles.

For example Instagram from its stickers to caption stories, or TikTok which offers some very simple steps to add captions to videos.

Closed captions are very useful not only for accessibility, but also for users who may be using your website in a place where they cannot read audio, such as in an office or a noisy place.

So always keep web accessibility in mind while building a website. This ensures that you are building for everyone who has access to the web.

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