Why use PIM to go international?

Are you going to conquer new markets? In order to open sales in new areas, it is necessary to anticipate and prepare well. PIM (Product Information Management) helps you do this thanks to a variety of functions…

PIM. Automatic translation of the product sheet in

This is usually the first step that we think about and it is really necessary. Thanks to PIM, you can organize translation work by assigning tasks to your various translators and monitoring their progress. Thus translated product sheets are rejected from the original leaflet and you may choose to make them available for some markets and not for others.

PIM. segmentation by markets in

Each country has its own languages, but the division can also be done by product. For example, it is not uncommon to find food products in some countries based on cooking habits and not others. With PIM, you can very easily manage the opening of products in each market and make exceptions.

Open new channels by country and region

Would you like to sell your clothes in any of the new markets available in the Austrian market? Thanks to PIM, it is possible for some countries to quickly and easily open a specialized sales channel. Thus your sales and marketing strategy can be refined according to local opportunities.

Facilitating the work of country managers

PIM facilitates collaboration between teams by allowing sharing of comments, modifications and verifications which are notified to each employee concerned.

Pilot the enrichment of data country by country

Sometimes product information is important for some markets and not for others. For example, in some countries it is mandatory to mention the allergens present in the foods. PIM allows you to request the addition of this data to the respective markets, follow the progress and estimate the time remaining thanks to a personalized dashboard.

PIM is the reference tool to facilitate the processing of information when you want to open new countries. In addition, it allows efficient work between teams, even if they are spread across multiple countries and different time zones.

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