Why plan your web marketing strategy for Black Friday?

Any large-scale event requires preparation in advance, and Black Friday is no exception. On this occasion, big brands and retailers have chalked out their strategy months before the date of the event.

Actually, you have to sell a large amount to get big turnover during this event. This is why consumers should be informed as much as possible about the products and services available on that date, but also about deductions.

Merchants are struggling to position themselves by offering their products at the best prices or by practicing the biggest discounts. But how do you capture the attention of consumers and make a difference?

In this article, we share with you all the effective strategies to be successful in your web marketing strategy for Black Friday.

Why should you plan your digital strategy months in advance?

You will benefit from setting up a Black Friday/Cyber ​​Week sales strategy in advance of the date and typically Black Week/Cyber ​​Week that includes Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (learn more about this 100% digital event). Not only will this allow you to refine your sales methods, but it will also help to attract the attention of the target audience to your offers.

During these days of big sales, thousands of merchants turn to promotional offers to attract the attention of similar goals.

To face this tough competition, You should stand out by implementing a more effective strategy, or by showing originality. Black Friday has been happening every year for decades and over time, its scale has become denser, and especially since its arrival in France.

It’s only one. is normal in A context strongly marked by technological advances, strategies geared more towards digital, So you will need to align yourself with these new standards and set well thought out digital strategy,

In order to attract the attention of consumers and arouse their interest in your offer, this will be especially necessary Create Compelling Emails, Advertising your offers and discounts will also create buzz about your products.

Optimizing your site, practicing discounts on high-demand products, contacting potential customers personally are several steps in preparing for your Black Friday.

Depending on your field of activity and the type of offer you want to offer, you’ll need to create a tentative schedule of tasks to make your Black Week a success.

In 2021, with the explosion of online sales, which is not only faster but more accessible given the continuing health crisis, You will benefit from optimizing your website and preparing in advance for deductions that may apply during this period,

1. Evaluate Your Website’s Response Time

Traffic to sales sites increases incredibly during Black Friday. Don’t be minimalist and plan for very heavy traffic on your own. Even if your site’s response time is satisfactory in normal times, this will not always happen when Thousands of users will be logged in at the same time, This is a very important point in your marketing strategy in preparation for Black Friday.

In 2020, the Boulanger and Fnac/Darty sites were completely saturated during Black Friday, leaving a boulevard for Amazon and Cdiscount, who had better prepared for the event

To optimize this performance, hire a hosting professional so they can study the traffic limits on your site. It will be necessary to analyze taking into account the past traffic of your site. And if necessary, the professional will do an upgrade so that your online store is able to support a lot of traffic. There are many tools available to measure web page speed, you can use them as part of this process. (Ex: https://gtmetrix.com/)

2. Arouse Curiosity and Keep Waiting

If Black Friday sparks so much interest, it’s because it’s an event during which all brands lend themselves to the game. To spark curiosity about your offers, do a web promotion a few weeks in advance.

“Tease” your promotions.

The fact that Internet users have been talking about you for weeks, even before the date of the event, will create high expectations.,

To achieve this, you can use email strategy or even sending notifications, Social networks are also a great way to implement this strategy.

3. Choose Personalized Email

There is a big difference between mass advertising and personal advertising. By sending emails to every potential buyer, you gain credibility while maintaining customer loyalty. This is done by targeting people who have already visited your site during Black Friday (last year, In the message, you have to offer products that might interest them using their browsing history. These messages typically have a conversion rate of up to 20%.

To optimize this display, the trick would be to highlight the most popular products in your store, keeping in mind the needs of the customer. Be careful to stick to GDPR.

4. Set up Retention Pop-ups

If pop-ups are banned in many cases when it comes to online sales sites, they make sense.

Warning: Internet users are increasingly demanding on the presence of a website. It only requires a page that is not welcoming or leads to the product they are looking for so they leave,

To avoid high bounce rates, set up pop-ups with catchy messages. These tools make it possible to retain an Internet user when he is about to leave the page. You will be able to “save” potential customers who intend to leave your store without buying anything.

These pop-ups can message on-the-moment promo codes or on free delivery.

5. Expose Your Deductions Openly on D-Day

Clearly displaying accepted deductions can mislead customers to the point that they can see the profit made in concrete terms.

You can only display the item and the price charged for Black Friday, but the user will not know that you have made a big discount.

On the other hand, an offer that displays two prices, one of which is truncated, clearly shows that it is a major discount.,

The big day: Only put forward those offers to which you’ve applied a significant reduction.

6. Create a Mobile Version of Your Site

A large number of users are now surfing through their phones and the best way to make yourself accessible is to set up a mobile version of your site.

Also, in recent years, Black Friday statistics show a significant increase in the use of smartphones and tablets for shopping.

In addition, Google algorithms penalize sites whose performance is not ergonomic on a mobile device., See development guidelines here.

If you want to be part of the best search results you had better optimized your site in the mobile version, check out the AMP version.

7. Optimize Your Return Policy

The customer likes to know that they can return an item if they are not satisfied. In fact, when the return policy isn’t clear or seems restrictive, it will lead to potential buyers’ reluctance, especially when you know how easy it is to return an item to Amazon.,

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to boost your return policy to attract new customers. The goal is to keep them in confidence and inspire them to make decisions with ease when faced with an article they like.

If all of these essential webmarketing points on your online store aren’t “up to date” yet, you know what you need to do to be successful for next Black Friday!

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