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Why. Why Famous by Simon Sinek. You must have heard about it sometime or the other. However, the subject entered through one ear and immediately went through the other. And how can you blame yourself when the people who are talking about it don’t know what they are talking about. So, back to why. Learn more how this tool can help you attract more customers…

Yes, I dare to say that those who talk about it do not fully understand it. Be careful, I don’t want to hit sugar on someone’s back, nobody cares.

Only, when someone “leads” you to find your “why” by acting alone, do I know that I am facing a person who lacks skill on this specific topic.

Can we find our why on our own?

Why, you won’t be able to find it by yourself. Even Simon Sinek, the author of this theory, had his own team with him. So, I’ll let you imagine for an average person.

That’s what my experience tells me. I searched alone, could not find. So, I trained, I experimented with my clients first, then I coached a coach friend, and finally, it helped me find my why.

Why can’t we find ourselves? Because being a judge and a party is complicated. Because most humans have a very limited emotional vocabulary (simply because they are not taught this language), and in the end, we are what we believe and who we want to be.

What you can get with it will probably look like a vision of something, yes, and certainly why not yours.

Well, why is that?

The Why is a topic I’ve been working on since 2017 (my previous articles date here, strange coincidence).

Since then, I have realized why, before there was a set principle by an individual, it was above a psychological aspect called self-determination. And that was revealed by psychologist Edward Deci (read his book “Why We Do What We Do”).

In fact the question of why is a central question in the existence of man. At least, in his younger years. Then, he learns to do what he is told to do under pressure from parental authority, then from school and university, and finally from his boss.

That’s why we find traces of this self-determination almost everywhere in psychology, We also talk about intrinsic motivation (something that comes from within and gives us the strength to move forward, Unlike external motivations like success or money which exhaust us and hardly motivate us).

Why Is Marketing So Powerful?

Well, why do you have it for a somewhat psychological dimension. Let’s move on to its more practical, more practical dimension.

In marketing, you already know, having a strong value proposition, having an image and a brand identity that inspires confidence is good.

Only take sites that are marketing or SEO, or whatever. Compare it to its competition. Do you feel a real difference? In most cases, none.

Design, yes, without a doubt, though! You will get the same colors in all depending on the sector.

In terms of content, they all speak the same thing, the same words, the same language, with the same jargon. where is the difference?

When these sites provide services to you, on what basis are you going to make your purchase? Reputation, value and content of training. Doubt persists only from an emotional point of view.

This is silly, because all behavioral studies conducted on consumers on all continents show one thing: It is the emotion that drives the act of buying. And only then the mind becomes rational. This is where Why will help you.

Our marketing buddies got it right. In fact, they play with our cognitive biases and crazy promises to gain public support.

Find words to touch your target’s heart

And that’s what they teach you. But now, in 80% of the cases, for the individual entrepreneur, this marketing does not work. gets stuck.

With Why, by bringing out your essential values, bringing to light what deeply inspires you, you can then access everything that really touches you.

And there, things get exciting. Because once you step into the game, you can’t get out of it! Why ?

Well suddenly, you have elements to communicate, you can express yourself, explain what you bring to your customers, why you bring it and nothing else.

You can also incorporate your values ​​into all of your content, and gradually you begin to build an image and a brand identity that is yours, because it is your words, your expressions, and your vision.

Why Your Marketing, Swiss Army Knife

With your why, you can create a value proposition and a slogan that is similar to yours, something you want to be, take to the masses, because you’re proud of it.

For a prospect, views and reviews “Grow your business thanks to our training”, well, that’s okay for a while. Sure, he says what he has to say, but is it really affecting, making a difference?

Same question for SEO as “be the first on Google”, or “articles that Google likes” in web writing, and so on.

There is no smell, no impression, no taste in all of this, as it is seen, seen and reviewed. And anyone could use a catchphrase like that.

With Your Why, you will be able to make an impression that is yours, enhance your vision, reach out to your readers honestly about your values.

Why build your personality slowly with

Why is also a tool that allows the individual entrepreneur to do without personality. Let’s see for a moment with whom we wish-we to work ? With people who share our vision, our values.

In fact, as an individual entrepreneur, in most cases, you don’t care about your age, social status and the like. The ideal customer is someone who wants to work with us and no one else.

Well with why, the personality is you, your values ​​and your vision. This is what you will deploy in your communication and that will attract people who share it with you.

Once started well, and with more financial tools, you will be able to use individuals as marketing teaches you. In the meantime, you now have a tool that allows you to reach your ideal customer.

One sentence, many implications and possibilities

Before closing, I need to clarify a thing or two about why. So why is a short sentence, and this sentence is yours, it is not designed to be a marketing slogan, it is not made for you to use it as it is in your communication.

On the other hand, with this Why, you can create a slogan, a catchphrase.

There is no such thing as a professional why or a personal why. It is imperative to seek counseling if you have two why, you are affected by schizophrenia.

You are a whole, unique and inseparable person. Same goes for your why. And that reason why comes with your values.

Depending on the context, pro or personal, it is the measure of your values ​​that will change, not your why.

Your values ​​express your why in your words and actions. And it’s your values ​​that change depending on the context, why doesn’t change.

Why there is no relation to the earth, to the universe or to any other. He is not esoteric, he is practical. It is a decision support tool, it is a tool for better communication.

Why is a tool, in itself, that does nothing. If you have a hammer and you wait for the hammer to hit the nail, you will have to wait some time.

Why is it the same? It is you who bring it to life, embody it, and it is thanks to your values ​​that you do it.

In the end, for you, the question arises whether you are going to test this new device or not at all costs to use methods that are not suitable for you, because in reality, there is a difference between success and failure. Often out of certainty or doubt, that’s exactly where you can come to help.

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