Why integrate web push notifications into your marketing strategy?

Web push notification is an innovative technology and an excellent communication channel that offers many advantages when it comes to marketing strategy…

Over the years, web push notifications, also known as web notifications, have become an essential part of marketing strategy. Adrenalead is the first SaaS web push notification platform with an ad network.

But what is web push notification? It is a communication channel that allows the display of targeted and personalized messages directly on an Internet user’s web browser to retain or acquire new customers.

A web notification is an excellent advertisement for your site, as it allows you to redirect Internet users to it.

These messages can contain text, an image, a logo, a GIF, or even a video. It is displayed directly on the Internet user’s computer, without even having to consult your site at a later time.

8 reasons to integrate web push notification into your marketing strategy

Web push notification includes many advantages, it is important to integrate it into your marketing strategy. Here are 8 benefits of integrating web notification:

1. 100% GDPR Ready Solution

First reason and not least, web push notification is 100% GDPR ready. In order to be able to send web notifications to Internet users, they must give their prior consent.

2. No Personal Information to Provide

Web Push Notification does not attempt to collect personal information from customers. One click is enough to subscribe.

This gives internet users confidence and encourages them to more easily accept your web information.

3. Reach your audience at all times

Once a user has agreed to receive your web notifications, they receive them even when they are not on your website.

If he clicks on your web push notification, he will be sent directly to your website.

4. Simple and quick set-up and construction

Setting up a web push notification solution is quick and easy.

Once installed, your marketing team is autonomous and can quickly and easily create web notifications: a title, a short message or an image, a URL, and you’re done.

5. Short, Targeted and Personalized Messages

Thanks to web push notification, it is possible to access a collection of customer base to know from which page of your website Internet users have subscribed and if they have already purchased from you.

This information makes it possible to carry out a targeted and personalized marketing strategy to accurately reach each of your customers, to maintain customer relationships but to cross-sell.

6. Reach All Internet Users

In France, 36% of Internet users use an adblocker. With the web push notification solution, it is possible to reach all internet users, as it bypasses ad blockers.

7. Increase in a Real Click-Through Rate

Combining the number of conversions and conversion rate due to web push notification, this is the solution that exceeds all other marketing levers.

A true increase in click-through rates, unlike web notification, remarketing and retargeting offers, which are mostly between 0.1 and 0.5%, with a display CTR rate of 5% providing a figure of up to 500 times higher.

8. Mastery of Marketing Pressure and Budget

The marketing team is completely autonomous and alone in deciding which messages to send: the recipient, the message, and when. This allows it to have complete control and mastery over marketing pressure as well as its budget.

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