Why Enable Push Notifications in 2022?

Like most publishers, you are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to monetize your website. Well, look no further: Push notifications are a great way to earn extra revenue while delivering valuable content to your readers. but what is it? These are those short messages that pop up on your phone or computer, asking if you want to open an article, watch a video, or install an app…

A large number of publishers are using push notifications to drive traffic to their websites and increase engagement with their content. And it’s a great way to monetize your site without relying on display ads. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of push notifications and how Outpush can help you generate more revenue. so what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

Why use push?

This technology, which has been in vogue for many years because it is much more efficient than email, allows site publishers to share essential information with their community of subscribers using an efficient and modern channel. OutPush differs from its competitors by providing a notification solution by allowing publishers to distribute sponsored content. As a result, site publishers can share their news but also sponsored content to monetize their activity.

how it works ?

With web push notifications, you can communicate with your website visitors without taking up space on your site. They are integrated into a simple tag that engages users via a small pop asking for their consent to receive ads. Once a user has opted-in and is added to the database, the publisher can choose to earn lifetime revenue from advertising revenue generated by that user or earn a one-time “conversion” rate for opt-in. could. the user. Once subscribed, the visitor receives notifications, is redirected to the advertiser, and you get paid!

A simple and fast implementation

How to apply solution? Very easy ! All you have to do is integrate a customer collection script on your site and… that’s it! This script allows you to customize the opt-in request to reach an average of 15% of customers. The contacts you collect are monetized by an advertising agency and 60 to 70% of the turnover is returned to you thanks to your customers. Another advantage is that unlike display ads, which often weigh down your website, implementation has no impact on your website’s metrics in terms of loading or speed.

quality advertising material

In terms of the type of advertising content delivered, typical web push campaigns can include any type of news and industry, such as finance, entertainment, e-commerce, lead generation and more. Users can receive web push notifications with a banner in addition to a title and description text, or a plain text push with an image or icon.

Outpush works with partners to provide clean, clearly branded, personalized and targeted advertising that adheres to strict ad content guidelines.

push sponsored content

In addition, a well-built algorithm will also retain certain users’ ads because of their metrics, which can include click through rate, conversion rate, views, and more. An algorithm will learn to deliver the highest paying advertising in priority, increase eCPM and publisher revenue, and effectively monetize push users.

earn without hassle

monetization push

To reduce user frustration and the resulting churn, it is important to consider the following points:

  • The frequency of sending notifications remains the main factor to be controlled. For example, sending one push notification per day is unlikely to annoy your users. On the other hand, 10 notifications per day may annoy your users, especially if the content is repetitive and doesn’t justify the urgency. For example, for media that sends information in real time such as the results of a football match or the winner of a presidential election, it is perfectly reasonable to send multiple notifications per day. At OutPush, we recommend sending 3 to 5 notifications per day.
  • Respecting a good mix between sponsored content and site-specific content may seem obvious, but requires a certain amount of effort on the part of the site editor. Indeed, it will be essential to consistently create quality content and notify your users when a new article is published. To achieve this, you must first focus on creating regular and relevant content.
  • Changing the content and justifying the urgency of the notification can help users get tired of your notifications less quickly. For example, if you wrote an article summarizing the results of the last World Cup final match, it is advisable to send it on the same day or the next day. That’s why the title of the notification is very important so that the user can understand the urgency of your message.

What Revenue For Publishers?

Many factors come into play. The origin of traffic, the device visitors use (desktop, mobile or tablet), or even the frequency of sending push notifications, all three factors affect the revenue that publishers can claim. who adopt the solution. OutPush charges 30-40% commission depending on the traffic of your website. Here’s an overview of the income you can generate based on traffic and location:

push notification publisher revenue

*Monthly website visitors and potential monthly income before commission

a complete dashboard

From the Output Dashboard, which is updated daily, you have the possibility to monitor the number of new customers, impressions, clicks, and above all you have a view of the revenue generated over time.

output push

And your own push in all this?

This is the advantage of the output over its competition. In fact, the functionality is completely free where most of the competitors charge 10€ per month for 1000 users. A significant plus for publishers when you know that 1 to 2 push notifications a day can increase traffic by up to 10%, it is a good way to retain your audience and generate views on your blog. For websites with a lot of traffic, this is an opportunity to get into Google’s “Discover” category and bring in a huge amount of traffic without the slightest effort in terms of SEO and SEA.

Compatible with other ad formats

eh yes! Nothing stops you from combining push notifications with other more traditional formats like display through providers like Adsense or Ezoic. Actually, exclusivity contracts do not cover push notifications as it is a very different channel. This is an opportunity for you to multiply your sources of advertising revenue, and by adopting Outpush you are committed not to break collaborations with your other advertising partners.

Still not convinced? They’re talking!

Here are also some examples of websites monetized by Outpush:

Output. About this

A company that has just launched into the French technology market for website publishers, Outpush Web helps blog, media and other content sites monetize their activity thanks to push notifications. These notifications, which are sent when subscribers leave the site, allow publishers to send targeted communications.

Their service allows publishers to earn more money by sending notifications and engaging users with relevant posts at the right time. It is like having an additional source of income that works 24/7 without requiring any extra effort from you.

So what is the verdict? Are Push Notifications a Viable Ad Format for Your Business? The answer is unequivocal: yes. This can be considered when looking for new ways to monetize your website traffic. Notifications delivers push ads in a unique way that doesn’t rely on displaying banners and slowing down your site. Plus, it is compatible with existing ad formats, so you can use it as a source of additional income. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you get started!

And finally, here’s an example of a push for the most curious:

Output. article written in collaboration with

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