Why create an anti-customer avatar? by Cedric Gautierra

Anti customer avatar. what ? No, you are wrong, Cedric, we say: “customer avatar”. In marketing and communication, we know the concept ofcustomer avatar also called Persona The idea of ​​Avatar is to create a character incorporating all the characteristics of an ideal customer so as to communicate only by talking to him. This practice makes it possible to avoid overly bombastic “corporate” language and ultimately make each reader feel Customization Strong…

Marketing, through copywriting, makes it possible to create an entire universe for this exact persona, essentially we put a lot of people out of the process as well. who are not our target.

But there remains one, a kind of “prospect”, the one who doesn’t like us, who will never be our customer and who nonetheless comments and discusses each of our outings: antagonistic personality Where anti avatar ,

At the end of this article, you will have, as a bonus, Copywriting lessons from Stephen King himself! I

What is an anti-customer avatar? who is this ?

Presently, I am talking to you about my personality.

Here, I have nothing to sell you and I know you, because you are like a friend.

My idea is to give you an impression, a piece of advice, a “tip” that helps, as I would with my best friend, because you’re kinda helpful.

anti avatar is saying obscenity

Avatar is the opposite

So the anti-incarnation is the person who Take the Time to Criticize Unnecessarily just to hear his voice.

At this time their ego takes over.

The one that best defines it is: ” I don’t want him as a customer one day,

Here it is, it’s the ideal of the person who doesn’t love you, neither you nor what you do.

Warning However, we are all anti-incarnate as we are always someone else’s jerk.

You may also get annoyed about something you find stupid or worthless and openly criticize something you don’t care about.

Personally, it is sometimes easy for me to criticize a trader of pleasure, a nunu trap, a site that is too extreme, regardless of its extremes (this notion can sometimes take strange paths). Yes, I have passed a group of water drinkers. The day that keeps criticizing a small drop of wine for example).

anti makeup avatar

2 solutions for this:

  • Create a classic avatar file, but define anti-avatar;
  • Write him a letter (which he probably won’t read, but whatever).

The first method of classic personality formation is detailed here by Laurian.

For another, here’s a concrete example in this article devoted to directly writing my 2 opposing avatars (be careful, the article is said to be prying eyes): »For you who already knows everything« ,

To do what ?

Well, the first answer to this question is: To respect myself!

Yeah yeah, that’s mainly it.

When this antagonistic personality comes across to you and you haven’t really defined it before, it can sound interesting.

After all, criticism is already of interest.

But she is deceitful and wants nothing more than to express dissent.

So, if it’s not defined, you can try to convince him, talk to him, or even apply sales method through objection to make him a customer…

big mistake! If he ever comes home he will be the worst customer…

In any case, here are the utilities for defining your avatar adversary:

  • Avoid wasting time with someone who doesn’t deserve you;
  • Don’t hire a client who looks like him;
  • Avoid sources of unnecessary stress;
  • Make sure no mistake is made: if it resembles your antagonistic personality: you don’t have to!
Stephen King has only one avatar
Stephen King Avatar King Gives You Copywriting Lessons Below

we can’t please everyone

To summarize here the concept is finally strong enough.

Defining Your Personality Your customer should always go with the anti-incarnation structure.

Two sides of the same coin sum it up perfectly: when you look at one side, you don’t see the other and you have to choose.

Choosing is giving up, isn’t it!? And so it is to open up to all others, to abandon their antagonistic avatar!

It’s like that here. If you define an ideal customer, then only talk to them.

Stephen King’s Lessons

Finally, here’s an incredible line from Stephen King, the king of thrillers:

I have written my whole life for only one person, my wife. With each line, I always wondered if it would make him jump or shiver. If it works for her, it works for all of my readers who must be looking like my wife.

Stephen King

How is everyone enjoying Stephen King? No.

Does he waste time with people he doesn’t like? not anymore.

Do some people take the time to hate it? Yes.

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