Why choose a CMS for your online store?

Online shopping continues to grow, with just over 14% of retail sales globally. Today, it is essential for a company to have a website so that it can face the increasingly stiff competition. If you are not an expert in web development, having a Content Management System (CSM) will help you create and modify your website and manage content with ease…

Less cost

CMS allows you to build a website without the technical knowledge on your part, without the help of a service provider. You can add your own content, update them, add different functionalities according to your needs at no extra cost. The extensions you integrate are often free. And even when they’re more complicated and you have to pay, they remain less expensive than using external services from a developer, web designer or graphic designer. This option is most beneficial for small structures or for those new to their area.

Time saving and accountability

Being able to modify your site yourself is a significant time saver by not having to go through an intermediary. In addition, this solution allows you to be more responsive. Improvements made will be made in response to feedback from visitors to your site or based on the content you wish to remove or add. Always listening to your visitors is a way to build relationships that can only benefit your sales.

simplified customization

A store, whether physical or online, must be enjoyable to attract shoppers. That’s why visualization plays an important role, as your potential customers should see it at first glance. CMS allows you to customize your e-commerce site so that it suits the image you want to convey to your audience. It has a library where you can choose the right theme for you and which you can integrate your company logo without waiting for your developer. For example, you can add a call-to-action button, a comparison of similar products, or a customer account section.

mobile friendly site

Today, you cannot ignore the fact that most of your current and future customers use mobile devices to make purchases. This is the case for the 68% of French people who will use it in 2021. Hence you should opt for an e-commerce CMS that is capable of meeting the expectations of your customers. This will help you optimize your site so that you can provide them with maximum user experience. This means shorter loading times and, among other things, good ergonomics for a comfortable grip.

SEO accessible to all

If you are new to SEO, make sure you choose a content management solution that can support it. However, you should be somewhat familiar with the main SEO techniques: keyword selection, use of shortened URLs, optimization of titles, subtitles and meta-descriptions, or integration of images.

CMS in the Age of Voice Search

In addition, with the development of voice searches, CMS with voice assistant allows you to create your own content better. Here again, updating your site will become easier. You can also do this through your smartphone by saying the changes you want to make in a conversational tone. A CMS with a voice assistant is a great asset to your online store, as you can be more responsive, which is a pledge of consideration and loyalty to your brand for your customers.


Online shopping has become an integral part of the daily lives of millions of people today, a situation that has arisen due to the COVID 19 health crisis. Before ordering a product, they first do research to get all the information related to it, especially through customer reviews. They are also very aware of trends, which change very quickly. So the choice of CMS you use will be driven by these factors, giving them a better user experience and a preference to always offer more innovative products, as well as values ​​that only your customers can attract.

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