Why activate web push notification now to take advantage of it from 2021 onwards?

Along with Black Friday and holidays, the end of the year generates up to 30% of e-commerce sites’ business. Hence e-merchants and e-retailers spend the most in online advertising during this period. And the auction is tough this time of year! Cost per click (CPC) is rising and yet 98% of visitors leave without making a purchase? How to remedy this? Pay attention to the new web push notification format, which promises to be the format to be active for the end of the year and 2021!

Online ads during year end and January sales

The French spend more at the end of the year, and the same is the case on the Internet. Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, as well as January sales… E-commerce and e-retail sites typically generate over a third of their business in just three months! (Source: https://www.forbes.fr/business/le-commerce-a-lheure-des-fetes-de-fin-dannee/)

But it is also during this period that advertising online is most expensive. And this is understandable, CPC is calculated through automated systems that work like a stock exchange (with a fixed price based on supply and demand). Thus, the more advertisers grow, the more expensive it becomes to establish themselves on a keyword or on an ad insert seen by the desired target for example.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your “payout” strategy at the end of the year. It is possible to achieve controlled CPC by positioning yourself on uncompetitive keywords and pulling long tails for example… but it requires a lot of hard work.

E-commerce during the COVID19 period

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on e-commerce. While some sectors such as tourism are suffering, others are seeing their business grow. In some regions, containment linked to the pandemic has offered a significant increase in e-commerce sales.

For this end of the year, it is wise to expect a similar trend to imprisonment as before. Christmas gifts purchased online will certainly be more important than in years past. What if you took advantage of this influx of visitors to your site to convert your visitors into customers and took control of your retargeting campaigns to start a trusting relationship with your visitors over time and keep them going beyond this end in your retargeting campaigns? Keep coming back to the site. of the year period? Get a Head Start for the January Sale!

It’s possible thanks to web push notifications!

What is web push notification also known as web notification?

Web push notifications allow you to deliver messages to website visitors who have authorized their delivery. It is sent directly by the browser and looks like this:

  • a title
  • a description
  • a redirect link
  • one photo
  • an icon
  • The domain name of the site that captured the visitor

It is possible to reach your goal on smartphone and computer. There are many targeting possibilities available to advertisers.

Most marketplace solutions work on the principle of a single tool to collect and send web push notifications to your customers. Adrenalead has chosen to offer both technology tools and audience extension solutions; Allows brands to benefit from an ad network of 5 million web push notifications customers accessible in real time.

Web push notification retargeting

If you want to retarget visitors who have come to your website and who have agreed to receive your notifications (15% on average), you must take the retargeting offer! Thus, it will be possible for you to bring back to your site Internet users who are interested in your brand and therefore your products.

Remarketing offer is created for you to reach audiences who have visited your site but who have not yet subscribed to your notifications! Thanks to this solution, you will have the opportunity to bring back to your site Internet users who know you and who are interested in your brand.

Customer win by web push notification

By choosing a winning offer, you will have the opportunity to notify the Adrenaled Network’s 5 million Web Push customers. There’s nothing better than getting to know yourself and take your brand to as many people as possible!

Obviously it is possible to mix different solutions and thus reach the greatest number of qualified contacts.

About the Author

Adrenaled, a Lioness Martek start-up founded in 2018, launched the first customer activation marketing platform via web push notifications.
Adrenalead aims to provide new options for e-commerce in the ever(r)evolving digital advertising market to win customers and build customer loyalty.

By combining audience accessible in real time and proprietary technology, their proprietary marketing platform allows e-merchants and retailers to design and deliver campaigns to their Internet users via web information on computer or mobile. In addition to allowing brands to gain control of their audience, the platform offers a full suite of audience expansion solutions. Any brand can now reach a wider audience in real time.

Concerned about the respect of Internet users, our technology complies with the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data and thus becomes the first opt-in display format.

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