Who saw your Tiktok post? The platform has launched a new test

Good News ! Now it will be possible to see which subscribers have viewed your publications on TikTok. The people you follow will also be able to see that you’ve seen their posts…

As always, social media consultant Matt Navarra saw important updates as well as features being tested across various social networks.

tiktok is launching like this “Post View History”.

While this feature is still in the testing phase, TikTok has already launched a similar tool in January 2022 to allow other TikTokers to do the same. See who viewed their profile in the last 30 days. The Profile View History function can additionally allow you to analyze your profile visits and keep your visits to other profiles secret.

If you have this post view feature, you will see an eye icon in the upper right corner when viewing your own profile. Only you can see who has viewed your profile, but if you enable the feature you also consent to other people seeing that you have viewed their profile.

So all users can decide whether they want to appear in other users’ profile views or not. People who give read receipts (as a blue checkmark) to others will not see the blue checkmark in other chats.

At the same time, if you activate the function for yourself, you only get an overview of visitors to your profile. For example, this is similar to the privacy settings on WhatsApp.

Why Enable Post View History on Tiktok?

This new parameter makes it possible to see who has consulted your TikTok, and your point of view can be understood by the people you follow and whose content you view. In other words, creators will have a better overview of their audience.

This facility will be available for 7 days only The date a video was posted. It can be disabled at any time from the “Settings” menu.

TikTok may still modify this period, as this feature, remember, is still in the testing phase. But it may already be that manufacturers are interested in this new parameter because it allows you to see which customers (regularly) consult their publications. Based on this, they can even adjust their content creation.

Another novelty: a repost button

And if you want to increase not only the view history of the TikTokers you follow, but also their views, the app has another option for quick sharing of content. A repost button is available for the video for some users to repost the video and even add a comment.

The Repost feature only shares video clips on friends and followers’ “For You” pages (unlike Twitter Retweets or Instagram Stories Shares which allow users to post content to their feeds).

Any video shared/reposted by a friend or seen on your “Discover” page cannot be reposted. In fact, the repost button appears only on videos that are already suggested by the TikTok algorithm in your “For You” page.

While apps give users the power to control what content appears, it is imperative for businesses to know their audience and have more authentic content, especially when the demographics on TikTok are considered. From a user point of view, this new feature can strongly impact user engagement and experience. This can be a great opportunity for businesses and content creators to collaborate as they can share posts with a wider audience.

What do you think about these new TikTok features? Can they be useful in your social media strategy?

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