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It didn’t take long to arouse the curiosity of the general public: NFTs quickly became popular on social networks and the Internet. In the rapidly growing digital ecosystem, NFTs have been in the limelight in recent months. This new technology was highlighted by making several record sales in early 2021…

Reminder: What is NFT?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are cryptographic tokens that allow the sale of works transmitted over the Internet, as tamper-proof and unique, and non-exchangeable, digital asset titles. In other words, these tokens make it possible to identify the owner of an item and attest to its authenticity, i.e. it is actually an original creation and not a copy.

Since the first months of this year, many digital works have been sold in NFTs, sometimes reaching record levels.

Here are some examples of recent NFT sales that have created buzz on the web due to their astronomical prices.

$5.800,000 for the Grimes Warnymph Digital Collection

Ten digital works by Canadian musician Grimes for sale on exclusive platform Nifty Gateway. In between these works, in March 2021, a unique video called “Death of the Old” was sold as an NFT for a price of $389,000.

$500,000 for the famous NYAN CAT meme

In February 2021, the inventors of NYAN CAT auctioned off a remastered version of the original GIF. Nyan Cat was sold on the Foundation site for 300 ETH (approximately €470,000 at the time of sale). While anyone can continue to download this chat, the person making the purchase remains the sole owner of the original meme.

$69,300,000 for digital work by Beeple

This is the sales record set for the work by auction house Christie’s. Every day: First 5,000 days By American artist Beeple. The work represents a mosaic of paintings and animations created on a daily basis for 5,000 consecutive days.

$ 1,600,000 for Cryptopunk

A cryptopunk is a 24×24 pixel digital work that is generated free of charge and automatically in 2017 by an algorithm. It is a digital work of art now referred to as “crypto art”. And this sales record was reached in February 2021: 800ETH or approximately $1,600,000 for this CRYPTOPUNKS!

New projects are flourishing!

Many new projects are interested in the concept, hopefully one day the same success. This is the case for the example of CRYPTOWORMS, a limited range of NFTs available in the largest market of NFT Opensea!

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