Which Tool to Use to Find Winning Products in Dropshipping?

Have you decided to start selling online but you don’t know what to sell? Or are you struggling to find the product that will easily sell at the location of your choice? This article is made just for you…

really, Product Search The most time consuming and tedious step in the whole process of setting up an online business,

If you can’t find a product, you can’t build your store, nor can you start your sales campaign or optimize your store. All these steps will depend on your product.

Several tools are currently available in the market to successfully complete this product discovery phase. without much difficulty. The devices differ from each other in terms of price, functionality and use.

That’s why we chose for you The best product research tools available on the market. At the end of this article, you will be able to choose the tool that will meet your needs and allow you to find your winning products to sell effectively.

Find a winning product with free tools

free tools winning product research E-merchants were the first tools to allow sales in online sales. they were available before the arrival of paid equipment Product Search Which we will see in the next lines.

Even if it takes a long time to find a winning product with a free research tool, it should be assumed that these tools continue to work and that you can certainly use them. Find winning products.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a powerful product finder that has been one of the most used tools in e-commerce over the years.

With this tool you can see the best selling products aliexpress in a specified period. You can also get information about the countries in which these products are sold the most. This allows you to know the countries that are already saturated with the product so that you do not waste your time selling the same product in these countries.

The tool’s filters are highly developed and allow you to sort products according to delivery times, prices, types of products, delivery offers (free or paid delivery) and many other criteria.

Even if you have to devote enough time to research, It’s still a great free product finder tool for beginners, though.


Facebook social network that receives The bulk of dropshipping product ads. So, with a good research technique, you can find winning products on Facebook, even if It may take you some time.

The first technique to find winning products on Facebook is: scroll through the facebook newsfeed Looking for ads. For example, you can configure your profile with certain criteria to make Facebook believe you’re in a city other than your own.

Facebook’s algorithms will only show you ads dedicated to that city. it is recommended to put a city in the united states, The disadvantage of this technique is that it takes a lot of time, and you don’t get a chance to see a huge number of ads. Facebook’s algorithms show ads to each user based on their interests.

You can also use another method that involves searching for keywords that are widely used in dropshipping such as: BUY NOW, GET NOW, FREE SHIPPING, FREE DELIVERY, BUY NOW…

Searching Facebook’s search bar for these keywords will give you hundreds of ads in which these words are used and then you can filter according to your need.

google trends

This google tool is a very good free tool which Allows you to see the trend of a niche over time.

By researching a niche on Google Trends, you will have a curve that traces the search history of keywords in the Google search engine over a long period of time.

A rising curve is a good sign and shows the place is being researched and you can start Sell ​​products from this place at your store.

Find a winning product with paid research tools

The winners listed first are product discovery tools Time consuming and makes product research very difficult, This is why all e-merchants or dropshippers are now turning to AdspyTools For product research.

Adspy tools are product research tools that spy on social networks and collect all the ads there. All you have to do is connect to the Adspy tool of your choice, then choose a product that meets Criteria for selecting a winning product.

So no more endless scrolling of social media news feeds, as there are many product discovery tools. Although they all have the same principle of operation, They differ in functionality and price.

Here are the best product research tools.


Minia is the device that tops our list Best product research tools. This allows you to find winning products in a very short time that you can sell in dropshipping.

its functionality Search ads by country Allows to specifically identify trending products that are selling in a given area to sell in another.

Minia is ergonomic and costs less than $50 per month. This is a very affordable price, as it offers in terms of tools Speciality,


Dropispy is in second place.

Its price is available for all budgets. You can already benefit from all the features of the application for less $30 per month vs. $100 average In other Adspy tools. It is the ideal tool for beginners.

In terms of facilities, dropshippy gives you a huge library Million high capacity products. You have to use filters to do the sorting to pick the product that you sell easily.

Additionally, you can analyze your competitors’ stores”shop detective” of dropshippy, you can Analyze stores of big brands To gather useful information about their marketing strategies that you can replicate in your business.


We can’t list product research equipment without a quote bigspy, This tool is complete dropshippy And Minia Provides you with a database that contains thousands of ads from different platforms.

These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Admob, Yahoo and Pinterest.

Like previous product search tools, you can also filter results by type of ad, store, and keywords.

with a subscription to $99 per month, You will have access to all the features of the platform. You will also be entitled to a very proactive customer service which is available 24/7 to answer all your concerns.


adspy Essentially one of the best product research tools ever. Its operation is no different from other product search tools we’ve seen before. Adspy usually collects ads on Facebook and Instagram.

it is important to note that adspy Does not collect any type of advertising. App’s algorithms spy on everything on Facebook and Instagram.

By logging into the application, you can use filters to display only one category of advertising that e.g. fulfillsYour Marketing Strategies Requirements, If you have a store that only sells women’s products, you can use gender so that not View ads dedicated to the female gender only, It saves you time in the research process.

Adspy costs $149 per month.

winning pulse

winning pulse is one Recent 100% French Tool Which facilitates the tedious task of product research. For each ad, the winning pulse allows you to get an overview of the product. you will be able to see Product Trends on Amazon, AliExpress And still other online sales platforms.

This way, you can easily identify high potential products that are already selling easily.

Basic version €24.99 . Is And gives you access to the entire library of tools. All you have to do is apply filters to find the winning product that you need.


In this article, we’ve looked at the two main ways to find a winning dropshipping product in detail: Product search method by paid tool and product search method by free tool.

we recommend you use of paid tools For your product research because they offer advantages over free tools.

For a few euros, you’ll have Access to ad libraries Which will help you to find your winning product very quickly.

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