Which KPIs to monitor for your web push notification campaigns?

Digital is awesome. It allows you to measure everything! Every action you take can be tested, measured and improved. There are many software solutions for this, and especially marketing tracking solutions. The best known by far is Google Analytics, which allows you to track the actions and generated performance of Internet users on its website. With a good analyst by your side, it is possible to identify the elements that are working well and others that are blocking you in order to optimize your strategy and maximize your profitability…

In the world of online advertising, it is important to measure the performance of your web marketing campaigns. Depending on the intended objective of the campaign, different elements need to be measured. These various “metrics” are called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Like email marketing, banner ads, sponsored links, digital strategies done through social networks, web push notifications are no exception to the rule. As the saying goes, “He who doesn’t measure… doesn’t progress!”

Web push notification, a new advertising lever

online advertising

Where there is visibility, there is publicity. In traditional media: television, press, radio, etc. Billboards, brochures or flyers, etc.

Brands spend more money online than any other acquisition lever. The variety of online advertising formats is impressive and continues to grow. Web push notifications format as a new lever for winning customers and building customer loyalty becomes strategic. Apart from being innovative, it is very powerful in terms of performance.

Learn more about web push notifications

Web and mobile notifications are a new lever for customer acquisition that advertisers are increasingly turning to. Fully customizable, they offer considerable advantages over all other ad formats:

  • Notification is sent directly to the device of Internet user. This means that he does not have to navigate to be notified and the advertiser has full control of his marketing pressure;
  • it is a format 100% GDPR Ready with the express consent of the Internet user;
  • opt-in rate to allow retargeting15% on average – which is 15 times more than email marketing;
  • The click-through rate (CTR) for retargeting campaigns is greater than 5% and Conversion rate is higher than SEM, (see web push notification performance barometer for the month of January);
  • bAdvertising planning is 100% mastered ,
  • automated campaign, like marketing automation scenarios in email marketing for example.

Other advantages exist over this format. You can read them in this article.

You don’t have to listen to us for this! In fact, like most digital ads, you have the possibility to measure the performance of your campaigns and follow up with your KPIs. Here are the important ones to follow.

Various KPIs to follow for your web push notification campaigns

Here is a non-exhaustive list of KPIs to follow for various web push notification campaigns.

number of impressions

If your goal is to develop your brand awareness, increase your visibility, then the number of impressions is a very interesting KPI to look at. With a base of over 7 million subscribed internet users, your brand will be visible to a new audience in a matter of minutes. Ideal for promoting the release of a new product or service.

number of clicks

If a higher number of impressions makes it possible to show your products or your brand to as many people as possible, then the number of clicks makes it possible to show the number of Internet users who are interested in your ad and visiting your site.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate is calculated as: (number of clicks/number of impressions) * 100.
Why is it important to see CTR? During your various missions, the CTR will evolve. The click-through rate represents the percentage of Internet users — who have been exposed to advertising — who have visited your site.

We can legitimately say that they have shown interest in discovering your offer, your brand or your products as presented in the advertisement. Thus, it is interesting to create different campaigns (A/B testing) to identify the elements that work (view, message, day, time…) and maximize the click-through rate of your campaigns.

number of conversions

On average, 98% of your visitors leave your site without signing up for your newsletter or purchasing an item. These visitors often come to your site through a marketing campaign that costs you a lot. Also, it is very interesting to monitor the evolution of the number of conversions per marketing campaign engaged, as it gives you an idea of ​​the quality of a campaign or the generation of qualified leads (filling a contact form, request for exposure) for the purpose of sales. allows justice to be done. test, guess, etc.).
From then on, you’ll be able to locate the campaigns that change best from campaigns that should be paused or re-adjusted.

conversion rate

Evaluating the conversion rate, such as the click-through rate, is very important with each campaign to improve it. It is calculated as: (number of conversions / number of clicks) * 100. If your goal is awareness and visibility. It might be interesting to see this pointer too! In fact, if you manage to get a decent conversion rate for winning campaigns, it is because your product is very attractive and your campaign is very well configured.

total profit

Each conversion represents a specific amount. On some platforms, you can see in real time how many conversions have been made thanks to your web push notification campaigns. Thus, you have the possibility to calculate the gross margin generated by each scheduled campaign! To calculate this, nothing could be simpler: Subtract the cost of the campaign from the turnover received.

average basket

One of the advantages of web push notification is that it is a real-time format. Thus, for example, it is possible to try out new promotional offers every day. By calculating the average basket of different campaigns, you will be able to know which offer generates the most turnover per user!
Here’s the formula to calculate the average basket: Turnover / Number of conversions.

Revenue Per Click (RPC)

There are formats for web push notification per-click. Thus, as an advertiser, you will only pay for each click generated. However, you will be surprised to know that a click usually earns you much more than it costs! To calculate your Revenue Per Click (RPC), just do this formula: (Turnover / Number of Clicks) – CPC.

customer acquisition cost

Your primary interest will be in knowing the customer acquisition cost in comparing the performance of web push notification compared to other ad formats. Really, what is the format that allows me to generate conversions by spending as little as possible.
Here’s the formula to calculate CAC: Campaign cost / Number of conversions

return on investment (ROI)

There are several ways to calculate ROI. Note that ROI is the KPI to make sure its sales campaigns are performing.
Here’s a formula to calculate your ROI: Average Basket / CAC

For further…

Curious about the performance of Web Push Notification? Consult the latest e-commerce barometer by web push notification.

Find out some examples of customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns through web push notifications.

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