Which Instagram trends will Gen Z follow in 2023?

Are you looking to expand your social presence on Instagram in 2023? It’s time to train! This certified training in social media prepares you to implement an effective strategy on social networks adapted to your target and your marketing objectives. Well, the latest edition of Instagram’s trend report is out! Let’s together discover the most important changes for 2023 in Generation Z…

The 2023 Trends Report was created with an in-depth study of Gen Z users on Instagram. Produced in October 2022 in collaboration with WGSN, it showcases the relevant topics, issues and trends that matter most to Gen Z. For this, WGSN conducted a survey of 1,200 social media users aged 16-24 in the United States.

Fashion: Generation Z will turn to DIY and the economy

The report suggests that Gen Z consumers are more likely to choose more sustainable options. More than half of respondents plan to make their own clothing in 2023. And a quarter of respondents plan to turn to secondhand clothing to reduce their expenses and save money.

Social Justice: Generation Z will assert its position

According to the report, Generation Z is the activist generation. In 2023, more Gen Zers will be shopping for causes and communities. They hope to engage more with creators who advocate for people with intellectual or physical disabilities. Three out of four respondents are also keen to follow a person with a disability.

Beauty: Generation Z will be looking for climate-resistant products

Gen Z shoppers are sensitive to the effects of climate change. Increasing air pollution and intense UV rays are some of the issues that are driving the search for climate resistant products. Two out of three respondents plan to buy skincare or beauty products that protect against inclement weather and the sun.

Metaverse: Gen Z will demonstrate their dedication to fairness

Gen Z plans to create a more recognizable world, including hints at the Metaverse. The latter makes it possible to reconstruct the world, express

Personality and dedication to equity in the digital space. That’s why 67% of Gen Z believe avatars should better reflect a variety of body types, skin colors and clothing styles in 2023. Jane Z. In fact, more than half of Gen Z users plan to be inspired by the fashion or beauty of digital avatars or influencers in 2023.

Finance: Generation Z will use social networks to monetize their projects

64% of Gen Z users plan to monetize their projects in the coming year because content creation isn’t just for full-time creators. One in four teens surveyed also hope to improve their financial skills. On Instagram, Generation Z turns their passion projects into sources of income. While a significant portion of this target hopes to monetize content on the social network, about half of creators say they create content for self-expression and entertainment.

Food trends: Generation Z wants to explore other cultures

Gen Z is increasingly discovering foreign cultures through food: 68% of respondents said they would like to continue to discover and try food from other countries through social platforms in 2023. According to the report, creators who rely on cooking videos and posts should continue to benefit from more likes and reach more users in the coming year, provided the content is creative, innovative and entertaining.

Music trends: Generation Z will express themselves through music

Music on Instagram provides exciting opportunities for Gen Z to express themselves audibly and with content that sounds. As per the report, more than half of the participants surveyed said that they plan to listen to foreign musicians in 2023.

Creator Trends: Gen Z wants to meet influencers in person

Nearly a third of Gen Z users look forward to an in-person meeting with their favorite influencers at a conference. In 2023, mixed media will dominate content creation, as Target expects influencers to branch out into new forms of media. For example, more than 40% of Gen Z customers want to listen to podcasts from their favorite creators in 2023.

Source: Instagram Trend Report 2023

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