When and why are their posts restricted?

Instagram has revealed a new update all creators have been waiting for: the social platform has rolled out a new feature to find out if your content isn’t showing up in recommended or search results. You will also know how to fix it…

The Shadowbane: what exactly is it? ,

If at some point in the past you have noticed a sudden drop in likes and comments on your Instagram posts, it could definitely be due to shadowbanning.

This is a penalty that Instagram’s algorithm imposes on accounts that have posted posts that do not follow the Community Guidelines, which greatly reduces the reach of the post due to the violation. hence, Account not banned, but most visibility removed, That’s why posts and stories may not appear in subscribers’ News Feeds as often, and content may not appear in the Explore and Reels feeds. A situation that, in the case of creators whose content represents a source of income, would result in significant economic loss.

For the record, Instagram refrained from using the term “shadowban” in its official blog posts, but the change is clearly aimed at curbing the phenomenon that content creators have been complaining about for years.

The news was announced by Instagram manager Adam Mosseri in a video posted on his official page.

Now that Instagram is showing users why their content is being removed from recommendations, the company hopes creators can “fix” their mistakes. Furthermore, the platform will finally allow users to know if their account is “shadow-banned”. Previously, in fact, the algorithm was able to know and verify this without limited visibility.

The app will then show examples of content that violates Instagram’s guidelines, allowing you to edit your post. This way you can avoid the loss shadoban Can come to your account.

“We know that for many creators, asking Instagram to recommend your content is a great way to reach new followers and grow your audience. That’s why it’s important for us that creators understand our guidelines and know whether a post may affect their reach to non-subscribers. ,

The news is only available to those using a business account, but it would be very useful for businesses and influencers to learn more about posts blocked by Instagram. It will also give creators the ability to appeal the decision if they think the moderation team made a mistake.

The Account Status Dashboard was first launched in October and is still in the rollout phase, with full completion expected by the end of the year.

For now, the feature only covers posts that have been blocked from recommendations in Explore, Feed and Reels. But the company says it plans to expand the feature to let creators know if they’re being blocked from search or “suggested accounts” as well as account-level suggestions.

To start with, remember that this feature is only available for accounts with a work profile. The new feature can be found in the Account Status option. This section will display all the reels and posts that have broken Instagram’s rules. You’ll also get tips on what to do if one of your posts gets removed.

For this :

  • On your Instagram profile, tap the three lines in the top left corner.
  • go to Settings.
  • From there, go to the Accounts section.
  • Next, Account Status.

If everything goes right, Instagram should display a message saying “You haven’t posted anything that affects your account status.” Otherwise, you’ll see posts that have been deemed offensive to the social network.

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