WhatsApp is testing animated stickers in chat

niri brusa

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is working on new animated stickers, which will be activated in the chat window.

This new feature appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp and offers to insert stickers directly into conversations, although they only animate once and then stop. To trigger them again, you have to scroll them up or down.

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The stickers functionality isn’t complete yet, but it looks like they’ll also show up and be integrated into your WhatsApp chat stream.

So far, WhatsApp has only allowed users to add static stickers to chats, while the overall functionality of WhatsApp has largely been limited to text chats.

Regardless, the app already has its own storytelling tool, and Facebook is exploring several options to include even more features.

Along with this, the same animated sticker pack is also available in Messenger.

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