What to say on his landing page? marketing frenzy example

Leads (Prospects). The more captures your landing page captures, the higher will be your revenue. Here’s the definition of a landing page: It is a page that is intended to collect the contact details (email, first name, last name, phone number, etc.) of visitors to your site in order to turn them into prospects. . But create a landing page that converts, it’s an art, and it can’t be repaired, There are techniques to know… Techniques that will allow you to keep (or increase) the conversion rate on your landing page…

Who is Stan Leloop?

Stan Leloup is one of the most famous copywriters in France.

The mission of a copywriter is to write pages that will turn the people reading them into prospects or customers.

Stan has developed a very profitable online business in recent years, which can be summarized as follows:

1) People find out through a video on his YouTube channel;

marketing frenzy

2) They see it and finally, they invite them to visit its landing page to go ahead;

tunnel landing page marketing frenzy

3) A portion of this traffic will be converted to leads on the landing page;

4) Stan can then sell his products to them by email and/or build a relationship with them so that they can buy within the next 3-5 years.

What happens after the landing page?

You will notice that its tunnel is made up of several elements (YouTube video, lead magnet and landing page, email marketing, etc.).

We are going to focus only on the landing page.

Example of a landing page with a high conversion rate

To understand the effectiveness of this landing page, you need to break it down into different elements and observe each one as a scientist.

I) Headings and sub-headings to keep the page looking likely

Imagine that I am an ideal customer for your offer.

Do you have any idea what the first thing I’ll read when I get to your capture page? This will happen title and subtitle,

Do you know why I would do this? have to answer the question “Is the content on this page interesting enough to attract my attention?”,

If the answer is no, I leave your capture page after a few seconds (so you lose a lead and potentially a sale).

But if the answer is yes, then I stop and I look at the rest of the landing page with more intent (so I’m more likely to become a prospect and potentially a customer).

the question is: What did Marketing Mania use as the title on its landing page?

1.1 – Title

Landing Page Example: Marketing Mania Freelance

his title “Building a Stable and Profitable Freelance Career” Talks about the ultimate wish of a self-employed person in relation to his activity: to have a regular influx of clients to make money on a steady basis.

In fact, most freelancers have a hard time finding clients on a regular basis. Sometimes they have a whole agenda, sometimes they have no mission to work on for a long time or a short time.

This creates uncertainty, because without a mission there is no money.

Marketing Frenzy Connects Them A title that suggests a solution to this painful problem Without going into exaggeration (“make million € per year as an independent”).

It makes the promise more “credible,” so we’re willing to give him a few minutes to see what he had to say.

But the subtitle also contributes to all of this.

1.2 – Subtitles

The subtitle reinforces the title’s promise, but more precisely: “Find more customers, sell more, and take back control of your time.”

Not every sentence is by chance: it represents one of the desires of any free man.

By including them on your landing page, Marketing Mania develops interest in what they will say next.

Lesson 1: The title should promise a solution to your potential customer’s problem. The caption will then reinforce this promise with more specific elements to increase credibility.

II) Body of landing page to generate more interest

The body of your landing page will be where you explain in more detail what you are offering.

It can take the form of a classic text (as for this page from Marketing Frenzy), as it can also appear in a video.

In either case, the body of your landing page will have two missions:

1) create a need (or rather “remind” that there is one and it is important to solve it);

2) Show that a solution exists and explain what it consists of.

Marketing Mania explains why freelancers need to know how to sell to try and get regular clients. Thus he increases interest in his lead magnet which is a series of tips to improve sales when you are a freelancer.

What to say on his landing page?  marketing frenzy example
Marketing Frenzy: Example of a Landing Page That Converts

A mistake as common as it is sad to believe that the prospect already knows their problem is very important and that they should solve it as quickly as possible.

This is very clear to us, because the solution to his problem has become our daily life, but he has his own daily life and his own reality.

Sleep, The value of a solution (i.e. our desire to have it) exists only when we are aware of the seriousness of a problem, That’s because we know that a poor diet leads to overweight and health problems, so we become more concerned about what we put on our plates.

Remember, you will only have one lead if your site visitor takes your lead magnet.

If you don’t explain to them what problem your lead magnet solves and why this problem is important, you are depriving your landing page of an important member for its operation.

Lesson 2: Explain to the prospect why their problem is important and how the lead magnet will help them solve it.

III) Confidence increasing reliability (and hence conversion) in lead magnets

All actions are based on a belief : If I think your lead magnet is good enough to help me solve your problem, then I would be interested By what you offer on your landing page.

But the reverse also applies: if I judge that you and your lead magnet are not good enough, then I will leave your landing page without giving you my email.

Two tactics are used on the Marketing Frenzy landing page to boost its credibility (and therefore conversions): authority and mechanization.

1) “Who am I?” Put yourself to the right by answering the question. ,

Example landing page that works well

In his response, Stan introduces himself and tells you that he has “Largest French speaking YouTube channel on sale (300k+ subscribers)” and that was “Freelance Consultant in Facebook Advertising and Marketing Automation”,

By telling you this, he prompts you to conclude in a subtle way:

1) that he is reliable enough to talk about the sale (so that we can trust him);

2) And on top of that, he started out as a freelancer (so he knows what it is).

Remember that the main promise of their lead magnet is to show you how to sell better.

So by presenting himself as such, he increases the credibility of his lead magnet, which positively affects the conversion rate on his landing page.

2) Mechanization: Present the solution process

consists of mechanization Describe the process that made your solution work.

This adds credibility, because if someone is able to explain their solution to you in detail, it is solid.

So you will increase your conversions if you are able to explain exactly what you are going to offer in your lead magnet and how it will help you solve your problem.

Marketing Mania explains what you’ll get for leaving your contact details.

What to say on the landing page?  example of marketing frenzy

“Day 1: How to ‘Prominence Strategy’ with Customers”

Day 2: Set up marketing systems that bring you customers consistently

Day 3: The Ultimate Sales Technique Every Freelancer Should Know

Etcetera. ,

(Plus, these elements fuel your curiosity and your desire to succeed).

Lesson 3: Work on credibility to drive conversions

IV) Call to action to convert a visitor into a potential customer

The call to action comes to complete while prompting the visitor to take action to solve their problem: “Get Free Training by Email”,

Call to action example on landing page

The words used are not accidental: they make you believe that what you are about to do is good for you.

Marketing frenzy could tell you “leave me your email”Because that’s what their landing page is all about, but it’s not the smartest call-to-action.

He likes (like any good salesperson) Emphasize that you are acting on your behalf And not for the brand.

Lesson 4: Make Smart Calls to Action

Conclusion: Look beyond the landing page to improve conversion rates

I took the example of Marketing Frenzy to explain how to build your own landing page… but It really won’t be enough to improve your conversion rates.

You should have an overview of all the elements involved, because there are some outside landing page, Mecca effect Always conversion rate.

It’s like sports: what you do outside has an impact on your performance (sleep, diet, etc.). If you “configure” these items correctly, your performance in the game will improve.

Now, what are these elements and how can you improve them to increase the conversion rate on your landing page? Let me explain to you in an article dedicated to this topic.

See you again soon !

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