What is virtual reality, of interest to your physical business?

Question 1: Who owns Oculus? Facebook. Correct! And guess who made a big splash a few years back? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg…

A good trader is one who never touches his goods…

Yes virtual reality very much exists and more and more people are concerned about it! By talking about it (yes this article participates too), we realize the potential of this technology.

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This fad is explained by the needs of consumers, always Get a better view of the product/service, still too many people don’t trust merchants (and even less online sites), And virtual reality is a real asset to showcase the value we have to offer. It also makes it possible not to deceive customers, for example by making them realize the size of a product…

Obviously, we’re in 2019 and technology keeps on advancing, While startups embrace the latest tools, many traditional stores and businesses prefer traditional tools.

Today, we’re going to look together at how to embrace virtual reality for these traditional businesses, supporting them in this new innovation. What effect could this have on your physical storage? How much does it cost? Is it easy to use? let’s go ?

1) Benefits of Virtual Reality

For starters, virtual reality is enough Trend, is very popular among young people. It’s hard enough to imagine, but it’s a real selling point.

For example Amazon. Embedding simple videos in some products increased their sales to 20-35 year olds.

Secondly, VR has to offer a Consumer confidence pledge. Plus, there’s that playful/new side, which makes it all the more appealing.

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In case of physical stores, for example a bakery. Internet users by offering virtual reality to really dive in your shop! he could Smell the Bread Almost Out of the Oven Or the butter croissant that’s right behind the window…

This different from others is in more and more demand and you should consider it to grow and become a must!

2) How much does it cost?

Note that there are many “virtual reality”: one where you will be able to see places in 360 degrees, and one where you can literally walk around the store, see different spaces, etc.

One is definitely more expensive than the other, but it all really depends on your needs. What impression do you give to the customer? Which budget to invest in this? Which one is the easiest to set up?

In the example of 360 ° photos, Google is one of the leaders. This is not surprising, the US firm already has a world reputation, but also a powerful internal network (especially Google Maps which receives a lot of traffic every day).

The 360° photos Google takes for you will be displayed directly in your “Business” page. That way, customers who are already looking for you will be able to see your premises.

For this type of service, it will take the time between 150 and 200 €, This will include all the necessary 360° sockets.

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With respect to more complete solutions, for example, the company VIP STUDIO 360, offers pricing based on the size of your business. The cost – in the end – depends on the work it takes to create the rendering of your locations.

It’s good to know the price, but do you really need it? To find out, ask yourself these small questions:

  • Will I be able to allocate a budget for virtual reality?
  • Are my customers looking for this type of innovation? (e.g. superiors will have no advantage there)
  • Am I able to take the time to refresh the photos?
  • Am I able to find the time to properly integrate this advance into my business?

While most of the answers to these questions are ” Yes “So get your pace and go for it!

3) What was the impact on my store?

Too many Internet users are looking at their phone in the street, and ultimately not that far from your store. In this sense, reality already brings you More visits to your store.

It is very beneficial in the long run. In fact, the day they really need one of your products/services, that person will know Where can I find you already?

There is also another positive dimension to sales. Who says more visits means more sales, This is the most important indicator for us.

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To improve the visibility of your virtual tour or your 360° photos, it is recommended to communicate frequently to show people that you have this solution and it is beneficial to them.

To do this, you can add a button to your email signature, talk about it on your network, create video demos and post them…

It’s always better to “educate” your audience with the innovation of your store. They will be privileged to see that you keep them in the loop.

With regards to new people finding you, referring to virtual reality can help them directly identify your store. The main thing is just to explain to the customer who you are, what you are selling and your exact position.


Finally, we see that virtual reality (VR) is a long-term asset that requires some investment.

However, the benefits are very beneficial:

  • greater visibility for your establishment on the Internet;
  • Better opinions of Internet users;
  • No more physical visits to your business/boutique;
  • Resulting in more sales.

With e-commerce sites very popular, physical stores can also find their way there and grow. Once adopted, virtual reality will be able to help your customers in many aspects and your business will stand out from the rest.

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