What is Twitter Flock, Close Friends Feature?

Twitter Fleets Didn’t Work, Maybe Twitter Flocked Then? Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that allows Tweets to be shared to a specific group of people.

Twitter Flocks Similar to Instagram’s “Close Friends”

In July 2021, Twitter showed off three concept features it would provide users with more flexibility and Better control over their tweets and profiles, One such feature was to help users make their tweets visible to only a small group of people, much like Instagram’s “close friends” feature.

As a reminder, this Instagram feature allows you to create a private list of users who can view your Instagram stories. A One type of VIP club made up of only the users you want, Thanks to this option, Instagram doesn’t choose your close friends list. You’ll have to manually add and remove people in the app’s “close friends” settings.

Thus Instagram’s Close Friends is a great way to communicate with a specific group of followers rather than posting to your entire list or hiding the more private photos you post from people you don’t know well. Huh. Whether you’re sharing a story with your personal crew or your Page’s VIP fans, using this feature is pretty straightforward.

On Twitter’s part, the latter called the feature ‘T.’ saidRusted Friends’ or “Trusted friend” at the time. But it may soon make its way to users under a new name: Twitter Flock.

Swarm is yet to be officially announced by Twitter, but This feature is already being tested. According to information reported by application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, users will be able to share tweets with only 150 pre-selected followers. Members of a swarm will then be notified that the tweet is visible only in their group.

Swarm will be added to the new Twitter section Community, a space that aims to give followers the ability to share tweets with a specific group of people. With communities, Twitter wants users to have more exclusive discussions with smaller groups, as opposed to the classic Twitter feed where everyone can see everything.

The Swarm feature is basically an extension of Twitter’s reply control option. It allows users to choose who can see tweets and who can reply to them.

If someone has added you to Swarm, the person you’re following has a green banner below their Tweet. It should read the following sentence: “You can see this tweet because its author has added you to their Twitter swarm”,

If you only want to send the Tweet that you’re about to share on Swarm to your friends, you can select Swarm via the audience selector button at the top of the Tweet.

Twitter spokeswoman Tatiana Britt told ledge ,

“Twitter is always working on new ways to help people engage in healthy conversations, and we are currently exploring ways to allow people to share more privately. This time on the sharing feature We don’t have any more news for this, but we can confirm that ‘Twitter Flock’ is just a placeholder name. »

Even if the feature is still in the testing phase, if it sees the light of day, all that’s left is to wait until it’s like stories on Fleets or LinkedIn. It certainly isn’t finished.

Twitter FleetThese momentary tweets were abandoned after only a few months.

To be continued…

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