What else does Twitter Blue, Twitter’s first subscription offer?

Twitter Blue, did you know? Twitter Business After testing professional profiles for brands, Twitter launched its first subscription offering. Thus this new solution provides access to exclusive features and benefits!

Cancel sent tweet

In February 2021, Twitter said it was exploring various subscription options as a way to reduce its reliance on ad revenue in response to competition from Facebook and Snapchat. These subscriptions may include access to features such as “cancel send” and profile customization options, for example, or even special announcements and newsletters.

A month later, Twitter confirmed it was testing the option to cancel sent tweets, according to app developer Jane Manchun Wong. It allows users to delete or correct a tweet before it is officially published on a social network like Gmail. Gmail actually offers a similar option for e-mail, with a small window to stop sending messages even after you click the “Send” button.

On Twitter, the interface displays the familiar “Your Tweet has been sent” dialog above a new “Cancel” button. This button doubles as a progress bar, showing how long you need to cancel a Tweet before it can be sent.

It may not be the ‘edit button’ that Twitter users have always been asking for, but it will still give users the option to prevent a tweet from being posted if they find a typo. For example last seconds or improper handling. In fact, Twitter clarified that the cancel tweet feature is not an edit button and users will not be able to edit tweets after the “cancellation period” is over.

“Once the cancellation period ends, the Tweet is visible to the public and you can leave or delete it, as you normally would on Twitter,” the company said in a statement. “Tweets that are already visible to the public cannot be edited. ,

Twitter Blue, its first subscription offer

In March 2021, Twitter announced that it had worked on a feature we might all love. And it’s done! The social network makes it possible to reconsider the publication of a tweet even after pressing “Send” for a short time. The feature was officially launched in June 2021 in its first Twitter Blue subscription offering. This new solution that provides access to exclusive features and benefits:

  • Cancel Tweet: If you make minor mistakes or forget to add something to your Tweet, you can preview and correct it before it goes live. Twitter Blue offers a customizable timer of up to 30 seconds that allows you to click “Cancel” before sending the Tweet;
  • Content Management with Bookmark Folders: This feature allows you to manage saved content on Twitter to organize saved Tweets;
  • Reader Mode: Reader Mode gives you a better reading experience by removing the “noise”. Twitter makes it easier to follow long threads by turning them into “easy-to-read text,” which increases engagement in the conversation.
  • “Archive” tab: Users can save and organize Tweets into folders so that they are easy to find later.

Apart from these features, customers also have several benefits:

  • Access to dedicated customer support for subscriptions.
  • Themes that change the colors of the Twitter application;
  • Customizable application icons for your home screen;

For now, Twitter Blue is only available in Australia and Canada for $3. 49 CAD or $4. AUD 49 per month. But despite the paid nature of Twitter Blue, Twitter itself will remain free to use.

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