What does this new online training from Tiktok offer?

Having trouble getting to grips with TikTok Ads Manager, TikTok’s self-serve advertising platform? The short video platform recently launched TikTok Tactics, an online training series dedicated to helping marketers optimize their campaigns on TikTok.

Online training for brand promotion and development

TikTok recently launched TikTok Tactics, an online training series designed to provide tips and information on how to best use the platform for brand promotion and growth.

The training focuses on four parts:

  • Prize;
  • targeting, bidding and optimization;
  • catalogue;
  • Nature.

Each part includes a video overview and three alternative perspectives on the topic depending on the level of expertise and available resources.

  • Prize: The first step in developing a successful TikTok strategy is to establish a solid attribution base for your business. Understanding where your conversions are coming from allows you to make more informed decisions about your campaign;
  • Bidding, targeting and optimization: This section allows you to see how to analyze and modify the parameters of your campaign to achieve your advertising objectives. It also introduces a network of campaign management partners to help you create, automate, optimize and report your TikTok campaigns;
  • catalog This part teaches you the best time to post on TikTok and present your products to the right audience at the right time. You will also learn how to manage your product catalogue. Don’t forget to level up to reach the purchasable ad types, which should be the heart of any TikTok strategy;
  • creative Tiktok is a full-screen, immersive and sound experience that leads to a high level of engagement and rich interactions. In this final module learn how to keep your brand message fresh across campaigns and explore ideas for creative best practices to make sure your ads are effective every time.

For example, when it comes to lead generation, TikTok Tactics is a . recommends using efficiency based approach To reach a customizable and actionable solution for lead-focused marketing objectives.

Another example: In the “Attribution” section, TikTok notes that beginners with limited development resources should start with the standard website pixel, to help track user feedback data for your campaigns.

Each part follows the same process, explaining how it can help you optimize your marketing strategy on TikTok and how you can improve each aspect relative to where you are in your process.

An Optimization Approach on TikTok Strategy

To gather feedback and information from the audience, the course provides a Customization Approach Where marketers can personalize their questions. And for a more direct activation approach to lead generation, the course offers a actionable approach Where leads can be uploaded manually or integrated into their CRM.

In its approach to structuring the training program, TikTok suggests and explains the use of its various tools. For example, in the element ” creative “ The course suggests collaborating with creators using their creator marketplace as an alternative to using the brand’s own assets.

On TikTok Tactics, the information is fairly basic, but at each stage users are encouraged to dig deeper to develop their understanding. Along with this, TikTok has also included a 19-page guide to help you plan and implement a better marketing campaign on TikTok.

More information about Tiktok Tactics.

If you need training on social networks in general, take a look at our webmarketing training with social media strategy component.

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