What does the future of Snapchat paid subscriptions have in store for you?

Snapchat is exploring a new strategy to potentially monetize the app through a new subscription service. Thus users will be able to access many exclusive and experimental tools and features…

As the company’s first-quarter results show, Snap is currently growing subscribers faster than Facebook and Twitter. However, the company also wants increase in its income. In April, it announced a new tool to convert photos into AR objects and later integrate them into the shopping experience on Snapchat.

But that’s not all, as Snap is instead launching into a paid subscription by making its own subscription plan: Snapchat Plus. Behind this original name, the application aims to improve the Snapchat experience for the most dedicated users.

Last week, application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi unveiled screenshots as usual, revealing his latest discovery.

Like Twitter Blue, this is a version of the app that offers advanced features with three subscription level options for those who use it the most.

  • For the first level, membership costs €4.59 per month;
  • the second 24.99 euros every six months;
  • Third level 45.99 Euro per year.

What Features Does Snapchat Plus Offer?

Through this subscription system, Snapchat will unlock the following features:

  • A special star badge on your profile. Unlike Instagram or TikTok’s verified blue tick, you don’t need to go through multiple steps to get it. The star badge simply indicates that you are subscribed to Snapchat Plus;
  • Pin a profile as #1 best friend for quick snapping or chatting with them. This option, named “BFF,” is similar to the “Close Friends” function on Instagram, but you can select only one friend. When you pin someone as your #1 BFF and they share their location, it’s possible to track their whereabouts during the last 24 hours;
  • special snapchat icon Special personalized to give your profile a little more personality. You can get creative and customize the background colors, add flags or flowers and even change the facial expressions. The classic Snapchat icon with a ghost, for example, sticking out its tongue, as are the new neon Snapchat icons with a distinctive sign above the ghost;
  • Tool to see how many friends have viewed your story in the last 24 hours.

Even if everything seems to be already in place, this subscription model, not yet available to users, is still in the internal experimentation stage.

Liz Markman, IA Snap Inc. spokesperson said:

“We are conducting preliminary internal testing of Snapchat Plus, a new subscription service for Snapchatters. We’re excited about the opportunity to share exclusive, experimental and preview features with our customers, and learn more about how to best serve our community. ,

Snap is far from the only social network already offering paid subscriptions. Telegram has confirmed that it is also working on a premium subscription, which should be released this June 2022. It should not be missed now that Twitter already offers Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada, then in the United States and New Zealand. , For its part, Google Photos also offers filters and effects exclusively for Google One customers.

It is unclear when Snapchat Plus will roll out, as it is still in testing mode, but always monitor your app.

What do you think of this News? Would you like to use this paid Snapchat subscription to your social media strategy?

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