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Seducing the public is a permanent activity for companies. They must constantly innovate to remain competitive, which influences the advertising landscape. By now, big companies in Silicon Valley have begun to embrace new trends, including the much-loved metaverse. The concept is not recent as the term was already used in “Snow Crash”, a novel by Neil Stephenson dating from 1992. Assimilated to virtual reality, it invites the consumer for immersion, the key word of the new commercials …

Deletion of third-party cookies

Advertising is a field that is constantly innovating, where it is constantly necessary to find a formula that retains consumer attention. Traditional advertising is not going to disappear from the landscape. However, marketing campaigns will become more targeted, faster.

This is what Google is proposing in the context where third-party or third-party cookies will completely disappear in 2023, when they played a significant role for companies. They allowed them to track a visitor, know which pages they visit and understand their buying behavior. This deletion is part of the Privacy Sandbox program that aims to optimize the protection of personal data that is not always respected during their collection and use.

Advertising takes many forms to keep the attention of consumers alert. But that’s only possible if marketing teams can understand how they react to a product on the shelf, or offered online. The Metaverse offers endless possibilities for advertisers. While virtual reality requires the use of a headset specifically designed for it, navigation can be done directly from our smartphone or tablet, thus reducing the costs generated by these devices.

It is a rapidly expanding digital world whose boundaries are yet to be determined. These are also very blurry in video games. Our avatars evolve into worlds that we have built for ourselves or that represent existing cities, houses that can be bought with tokens, and so on. Big digital companies like Facebook have also understood the importance of this technology.

Unrestricted metaverse for users

The metaverse offers many opportunities, we said. One of the benefits that marketers can derive from this concept is undoubtedly the possibility of immersing consumers in a universe that may be closer to reality or may be completely different, but the possibility of customizing content for the audience. with. Specific or areas of interest by age, gender. With the Metaverse, the consumer imagination knows no bounds. They can build a huge house, a world that looks like it or like no other. All whims are possible.

Metaverse and Virtual Influencers

Currently, influencers are followed by millions of people. They are interested in what they do, but also in what they wear or eat, among other things. In the virtual world of the metaverse, big brands are engaging with influencers, who are also virtual. The aim of this association is to reduce costs without managing everyone’s sensitivity and without potentially degrading the performance of real people. This allows advertisers to remain competitive for a longer period of time.

Big investment on the metaverse

Ads will be more and more present on the metaverse in 2023. Already, millions of dollars are invested by fans to acquire real estate in a real or invented city. There are also large companies investing in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, large events held in the Metaverse allow major brands to present their products to audiences who can interact directly with their favorite actors or performers. They can attend games, or view the garden at these events. By opening a wallet in which they can store their virtual currencies (bitcoins, tokens, etc.), they can receive an item belonging to their favorite star or preview a broadcast of a movie that will soon release on the big screen. Will be


The advertising landscape will gradually change from 2023, prompting you to take into account the need to protect users’ personal data without taking into account more precise targeting. Also, adapt to the requirements of the Metaverse and search engine algorithms to bring the right content to the right people. If cookies are programmed to disappear in 2023, shared IDs are another way to track user activities and better know their browsing habits, even as they visit many different sites.

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