What do consumers expect from brands?

You’re probably wondering, what do people on Twitter really think about your brand? Discover a new Twitter marketing guide to brand behavior, based on 10 years of tweeting to better use Twitter for your business.

#RealTalk, a unique take on Twitter

Twitter has launched #RealTalk, a unique approach that analyzes 10 years of tweets about brands spanning 8 countries. Launched in partnership with researchers from Sparker and Pulsar Consulting, it investigatesThe evolution of Twitter users’ opinions With regard to brand behaviour.

This 50-page Twitter marketing guide reveals a lot of information to use as a marketer, the highlights of which are here.

key figures

The social network said followers are interested in what brands tweet. In 2020 compared to 2019:

  • Tweets mentioning brands increased by 23%;
  • Retweets of brand Tweets increased 20% year over year;
  • Quote tweets increased by 35% and replies by 44%.

Sparkler found that:

  • 7 out of 10 respondents think brand is the best part of Twitter;
  • 80% don’t mind a brand on social media “as long as it’s fun, useful, entertaining, informative or sentimental”.

The study also revealed that:

  • 48% believe it is important for brands to support economic, social, political or cultural issues, even if they are not directly affected;
  • 61% of respondents to an internal study believe that brands should recognize moments of crisis in their advertising;

The Three Pillars of Communication and Marketing on Twitter

In developing its guide, social networks begin with the pillars of good social communication with their followers, which are:

  • Tone: How to create a unique voice for your business;
  • Subject: They tell you when your brand is allowed to participate in a given conversation and how people on Twitter want you to do so;
  • Community : Businesses need to engage authentically with their most important communities to instill a love of the brand.

authentic communication

Consumers want brands to communicate authentically and honestly to provide valuable real-time updates through tweets. But the report highlights the main problem that years of best practice guides and advice have given rise to a new problem: All brand profiles on Twitter are starting to look alike.

Simply put, when a tweet goes viral, everyone follows the same strategy, and everything ends up looking the same. According to Twitter, brands develop their communication And making sure they connect with their audience based on what’s actually happening in the world. You should also identify the types of events and trending topics to focus your marketing strategy on Twitter. In addition, there is a 2022 social media calendar as well as a 2022 Twitter guide to tailor your campaigns.

To conclude, Twitter is one of the oldest social media and one of the cornerstones of social media marketing. Over the years, the brand has undergone some changes in its approach to social networks, but the basics of good communication on the platform have remained almost unchanged. That’s why Twitter has developed this guide to give useful advice to brands so that Development, management and implementation of their communication on social networks.

guide is available Here,

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