Welcome Email Sequence: 7 Best Practices

welcome email sequence have an opportunity to Build a more “personal” relationship with your new customers, Use it to make your prospects and customers remember and trust you like you…

They just gave you their email addresses and the way you contact them will greatly affect their perception of you.

In this article, you will see 7 best practices for Want your prospects to remain part of your list.

1. Highlight the Benefits

Your prospects have probably signed up on your list to receive a lead magnet or advice.

Your new customer could also be the customer who just made the first purchase.

Take advantage of your welcome order Say or remind them why they should open and read your future emails.

What will this bring them?

How will it help meet their needs?

For example, you can offer:

  • private events;
  • Reserved offers for customers;
  • exclusive content;
  • e.t.c.

Put yourself in the place of your prospects and ask yourself what will motivate you to stay on your list and especially to open and read future emails.

2. Create Suspense

You’ve probably noticed that often an episode of a series ends before a big reveal is announced.

“Continuing on the next episode…”

we call it make a rock And it’s a formidable technique for creating mystery.

It can be used if you want to open and read your email till the end, but also want you to receive the next emails.

it will allow youImprove your engagement rates.

For example you can do:

  • Use a phrase where you show that you will answer one of their problems;
  • Telling a story right away without telling the end;
  • Announce a surprise.

the idea is arouse curiosity To keep your audience reading the email until the end, but also to look forward to the next ones.

3. Pitch Your Business

It is quite possible that there are companies in your market that offer products and/or services similar to yours.

so you must Stand out and make your prospects want to follow you instead of your competitors,


  • Why are existing solutions inadequate?
  • What do you suggest to fix it?
  • What is your business history?
  • its value?
  • his mission?

Express Yourself in a “Natural” WayBecause more than your message, it’s also your company’s personality that will allow you to attract your readers.

also highlight Elements that prove your expertise Like customer testimonials or case studies.

4. Being “Whitelisted”

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is dead…

Even though it’s away from the case, it makes it difficult to reach the main inbox.

Spam filters are becoming more and more demanding And so it’s important to get a good reputation with them.

One of the elements that earns you points isBe added to the contact list of your recipients.

Encourage your new customers to do the same with your first email.

And even though some people will do it in practice, some will allow youimprove delivery rate of your email.

Relationships with your audience will not be built only with email exchanges.

do you want it Encourage you to integrate your ecosystemi.e. being present on all communication channels you use.

So don’t hesitate to encourage them to join you or visit you:

  • your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.);
  • your shops;
  • your physical and digital events;
  • e.t.c.

Of course, just saying “Join us here” won’t suffice, you have to explain what they stand to achieve,

6. Start a Conversation

Imagine you meet someone at a networking event and they launch into a long monologue.

Would you like to keep listening to him or find an excuse to run away?

Give your prospects the opportunity to tell you their story, express their needs and let you know what they expect from you.

If some of them respond to you, don’t hesitate to discuss it with them, or even schedule a more direct contact (video, telephone, etc.).

This will help you get to know them better and Understand the arguments you need to use to motivate you to act.

7. Think about the next step

One of the roles of your welcome email sequence is to prepare orEncourage your prospects to take the next step in their customer journey.

Before creating it, ask yourself what your goal is.

For example, would you like to do this:

  • Raise awareness or educate them with content?
  • schedule an appointment?
  • Sell ​​a product or service directly?

it is your role to guide them Your new registrants need to take the next action.

Important points if your goal is to sell:

The more expensive what you offer seems to your prospect, the more important it is to educate them and/or conduct a personal exchange to demonstrate the value of your offer.

Follow these 7 best practices for writing a welcome sequence that will allow you to build a more personal relationship with your customers.

They will allow you to improve the commitment of your customers and improve the effectiveness of your email marketing operations.

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Nicolas Favier is a Marketing Consultant. He shares advice on his Marketing Systems site to help entrepreneurs get more customers who shop more frequently.

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