Webinar Wreck March 30, 2023

Do you want to be better organized for your marketing campaigns? We have a webinar for you. Thursday, March 30 at 2:00 pm Wrike is hosting a free webinar to help you better organize yourself and simplify the management of your campaigns…

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A Webinar to Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Effectively

Today, managing marketing campaigns has become complex. For every project, many skills and people are involved, whether it’s your internal team or your service providers.

Between building campaigns, verifying endorsements, tracking budgets, tracking results, the verification steps are many and can take time.

This webinar will show you how to simplify and streamline the different phases of projects related to your marketing campaigns. Goal: To be more efficient In real-time collaboration with your partners and in the implementation and monitoring of your marketing campaigns.

ricardo dela marteraThe Lead Solutions Consultant will advise and give you a demo of Wrike, a project management tool that can save you valuable time setting up your campaigns.

You will know how to:

  • Plan your marketing campaigns fast.
  • Collaborate in real time with the people involved.
  • Measure the performance of your campaigns at a glance.

The 40 minute webinar will also give you an opportunity to ask your questions live.

Registration is free and can be done by following this link:

Register for Wrike Webinars

Spaces are limited and the event is getting close, so don’t wait too long.

A tool to boost your marketing project management

Wrike provides a project management platform specific to marketing businesses. This allows for better management of marketing campaigns and dedicated teams.

Goal: To make reviewing and reporting for successful marketing campaigns easy!

You can both coordinate your teams and track real-time results of your campaigns to show results to your team.

Everything is customizable to suit your needs, but you still have templates to help you get started:

  • Model for managing campaigns and marketing operations.
  • New service or product market launch plan template.
  • Model working with agile methodology.
  • Social media schedule template.
  • Event Management Template‚Ķ

In short, you can do from a single interface:

  • clear all your projects With one place to centralize information for your campaigns.
  • Customize Your Templates Project Management.
  • notify your teams Thanks for the dynamic report.
  • assign tasks on different members of your team.
  • review and validate Campaign elements (images, videos, HTML, etc.).
  • Simplify Publishing assets thanks to an integrated media library.

Wrike has a free offer to test centralized task management, then offers multiple offers from $9.8 to $24.8 per user per month, depending on needs.

Wrike users include teams at Google, Siemens, Hootsuite, and Swarovski. I recommend you to visit the site to find all the features or even better, take a free trial:

You can visit Wrike’s site to request a free trial.

Article written in collaboration with Wrike.

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