Web Professions You Definitely Must Know in 2021

To increase their visibility, many brands (both virtual and physical) are opting for an online presence. The creation of websites by companies therefore allows them to adapt to the ever-increasing needs of consumers. Also, it contributes to the birth of new web businesses. The list of these future jobs on the web is certainly long, but some are particularly well illustrated on the in-demand market. For 2021, here are some web jobs you should know about…

Web designer

While an online presence is vital to a business that wants to be viable in 2021, it is also important to nurture it. To help you organize your online presence, NetBooster professionals are available to assist you. To accomplish these tasks, Web designer He is the professional we are looking for in the market.

trainer training

A web designer is a web page creator. It should justify a number of skills in general, including proven aptitudes for graphics. He should also have mastered some basic computer knowledge. Actually, it is the web designer who takes care of all the graphic design of your site. So this includes the choice of:

  • Picture;
  • animations;
  • their location;
  • typography.

A good designer is one who makes a web page ergonomic and pleasant to read by judicious arrangement of colors, writing characters and their sizes. If you take a course like this, you can test your skills in a site building studio, in web agencies or with an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

community Manager

If you are a young person looking for professional orientation or want to retrain, think about community management. It is a profession whose demand exists and it continues to grow.

community Manager Serves to give more visibility to a website or brand in general. He is responsible for highlighting the strength of the brand on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and blogs. To be successful in his mission, the professional must be on the lookout for the latest news. To do this, it must report on topics that arouse interest on social networks and form a link with site activity.

Beyond his or her ability to communicate well, the community manager has to be imaginative and very responsive. He must also have very good writing and synthesis skills. Usually only those who have got journalism training shine easily in this profession. However, it should be noted that this basic training is not a mandatory condition.

This professional may work in the marketing/communications or human resources department of a company (physical or virtual). It will also make its way into any web agency or online communication agency.


IT and Communication Specialist, webmaster It is ranked among the top digital businesses in 2021. It is the professionals who ensure that the content is placed online on behalf of a brand. It also intervenes for the creation of pages and the maintenance of sites. Their first battle is to make the website viable. To do this, it adds content to the site and animates it.

To practice this profession, you will need to take journalism training to master the writing instrument. He should also be trained in computer science to know the techniques of publishing. These include the HTML language. The webmaster’s training module also takes into account graphics and communication.

In addition, you must have certain qualities inherent in this position. These include, among other things, versatility and availability. Also note that the webmaster must be a good communicator and must have the ability to organize group activities. With these skills you can work in any web agency or any big company. If you are recruited as a webmaster in a small business, you may be asked to combine several tasks.

e-business consultant

If you dream of job in 2021 then you too can become e-business consultant, It is the professional who is responsible for setting up the e-business projects. Among its actions, we can also mention the revitalization of the online commercial policies of the customer company. In the same way, it provides solutions (technical and organizational) to the customers. Obviously, it is thanks to the e-business consultant that the company can easily establish itself.

The e-business consultant must have specific skills in communication. He must be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing. He/she should also have qualification in e-business and e-commerce. As qualities, the e-business consultant must be persuasive and have a listening sense. At the relational level, it must also be irreplaceable. With these skills, an e-business consultant can serve in an IT services company. It can also find its place in a web agency.

online shopping

For physical brands, the role of the seller no longer has to be proven. However, many people are unaware that this professional also has an important role to play with virtual platforms. rank of internet commercial usually associated with head of advertising, He is engaged in promoting advertising space on the Internet. It is based on banners, sponsored links and emails for this purpose. So the online seller uses advertising to monetize the website he is promoting. Prospecting is also a task that Ads Manager performs online. This allows him to find clients and check the budget of the advertiser.

Usually online sales people work for media sites that make money from advertising. They do not sell products directly. Same is the case with Facebook.com and Yahoo.fr. The advertising manager may also be called upon by external advertising agencies that serve smaller sites.

Online seller must have BTS in Business Unit Management or BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations. He can also practice profession with Technical Marketing DUT. In addition to qualifications, the worker must prove certain qualifications to be truly competitive in the labor market. He must have a high sense of organization and great listening ability. One must also be autonomous, rigid, committed and goal-setting to achieve it permanently.

multimedia developer

multimedia developer is a computer scientist whose specialty is the translation of creative into technical language. Their skills should be invoked from the very beginning of the website building project. At the time of design, he takes care of the scenario analysis and thus builds the project tree. It is the multimedia developer that drafts the website charter and determines its main lines. That is to say, it is he who designs the architecture of the computer program.

A number of skills are necessary to qualify for such a ceremony. Among other things, the multimedia developer must have a perfect command of computer languages ​​which are: JavaScript, C++, PHP and Java. Similarly, he should know how to make a website. For this he should know how to use appropriate software like FTP and console. The multimedia developer should also have a good general culture. These skills will complement his qualifications. This is BTS or DUT in Computer Science.

Multimedia developers are usually employed in computer engineering services companies. He also works for subcontractors and in some cases can work as a programmer.

As you must have understood, there are many web professions that can allow you to lead a good life in 2021. So make your choice keeping in mind your real motivations and get training if necessary.

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