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It has been said that web call back (instant callback button in a website that you click to make a free call) corresponds to reverse calling, as the call was initiated by the internet user himself. If the claim is dubious, on the other hand it appears that web call backs are a real brick in customer relations in that it can automate the qualifications of internet users who have become prospects. It’s also a better brick, because it’s also a call to action. the explanation …

web point of contact

Web call backs are embodied by one or more contact locations arranged in a website, typically an e-commerce site. These contact places are the actual “buttons” that an Internet user presses when he wants to be called back to learn more about the site’s commercial offers or when he wants to ask a customer advisor a question.

web call back

These callback buttons generate a form (usually in the form of a popup) in which the Internet user enters their phone number which is called back for free.

Simple, fast and free of charge for the caller, this tool is very successful and is especially offered by web agencies that “base” the tool on web sites created for their clients, and thus the company. Let’s open the commercial doors.

So there are only 3 things for an internet user to do:

  1. click the button;
  2. Enter their phone number;
  3. be called back free of charge.

In addition to its classic properties, which we will not elaborate on here, the web call back solution offers a very interesting feature: the personalization of contact fields like a real CRM module.

Customer Relationship Management Features

Today’s CRM tools include many functions for storing and processing customer information with more or less advanced aspects (multichannel management, fleet competency, etc.).

The instant callback solution, at its level, includes fields to fill out such as the contact’s last name, first name and telephone number.

But, being flexible, web call backs can integrate other areas that qualify Internet users, which have become a possibility, such as for example:

  • Society ;
  • Area;
  • Service;
  • Celebration ;
  • business.

When an Internet user requests a call back, their information may be automatically transmitted to the company’s CRM, and potentially visible to the operator handling the call.

Therefore Web Call Back can be seen as an additional CRM module, which pre-qualifies the Internet user.

More generally, in a multi-channel strategy, the web call back provides information about the dynamics of the web channel and the potential reactions of Internet users to the proposed offer. Statistics are usually part of a serious web call back offer, so that we can see the volume of calls generated and caller profiles.

call to action

Lastly, it should be mentioned that web call back also contributes to the quality of a website. This tool is not just a “box” intended to collect information and establish contacts from Internet users. It participates in a concern to inform and support the customer as best as possible in his/her journey.

Also, a recent study by Ipsos for INRC (National Institute for Client Relations)(1) shows that the quality of customer relationship is decisive in the consumption choices of 58% of the respondents. When we combine the fact that the telephone is the privileged channel of customer relations, we understand the interest of integrating instant callback buttons into a commercial website.

Also note that today’s functionality allows the Internet user to specify when he/she wants to be recalled, for their greatest comfort.

To build an image, you could say that a website without an instant recall button is like a store with a beautiful window… without a front door!

This article was written by a guest editor: G. Curtt, Marketing and Communications Manager axilis,

(1)International Customer Relations Barometer, Ipsos Survey for National Customer Relations Institute – February 2014

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