Watches for iWatch, Galaxy Gear, Smartwatch are coming!

iWatch, Galaxy Gear, Smartwatch… We are talking about it more and more, after smartphones and tablets, the next fashionable connected items will surely be on the wrists of geeks. Connected clocks are coming. If Sony makes a little headway with the smartwatches already available, Samsung is preparing to launch its Galaxy Gear Connected Watch, a time Apple is lagging behind with its iWatch that won’t be released before the end of 2014 . Looking back on a future event of connected watches…

What can we expect from connected clocks?

First of all, come on. Coming back to the main features of linked watches, From your wrist, they allow you to access the Internet via touch screen, monitor your email and social notifications (Facebook and co…), listen to music, use apps, monitor phone calls. Your phone… performs basically the same function as our favorite smartphones and tablets except it’s on your wrist.

We can ask ourselves questions about the usefulness of connected watches, but who hasn’t asked the question of the usefulness of the iPhone or iPad when they were released … Analysts from major high-tech brands seem to be convinced in any case. Future The boom in connected clocks,

There are 3 main brands that have established themselves in this new market: Samsung, Sony and Apple, But for once Apple is lagging, the iWatch won’t be ready until late 2014, which is more than a year behind its competitors.

To get an idea of ​​your future favorite geeks toys, here’s a presentation smart watch already available:

Meanwhile, Samsung will take advantage of IFA Fair in Berlin from 6 to 11 September next to launch Galaxy Gear Which would look like this:

Galaxy Gear

What about Apple?

The watch should look like this and offer more or less the same functionality as its two competitors. Unless Apple takes advantage of its more distant releases to offer more advanced features.

iwatch apple

Which of these watches do you prefer? Which of you are planning to fall for its connected watches? Do you think this market has any future?

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