it’s official ! Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp will introduce voice and video call features in the desktop version in 2021.

WhatsApp, soon on the same level as Zoom and Google Meet?

The move to ease desktop calling will bring WhatsApp video conferencing app on par with Zoom and Google Meet. Does it have ambitions to compete with these two giants, who are already well established in the market? maybe.

It is certain that with over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded mobile applications in 2020. It is widely used for personal calls, unlike Zoom or Google. Meat.

The company said that it has already rolled out the feature to some desktop users in beta.

When you receive a call from WhatsApp Web / Desktop, a window will appear where you can accept or decline the incoming call:

A dedicated space is available to display calls in progress, then will be displayed in a dedicated space:

Source: Wabeta Info