Visual recognition: which color to choose?

For its visual identity, the choice of colors to represent your business is important. If you’re having trouble choosing the right color palette for your brand, find out the meaning of colors in communication in this article!

Meaning of colors in communication

Colors have a precise meaning in communication: they often reflect an emotion or state of mind.


Blue represents communication. Widely used by brands, this color also brings confidence, calm, intelligence and responsibility. Many payment organizations and banks use this color, as well as various water-related companies.


Yellow is an attractive color that reminds us of summer. This color in particular inspires happiness, togetherness, sun, hope and even positivity. There are a lot of positive sentiments associated with yellow which is used by most of the businesses.


Green is the color of nature. It inspires well-being, renewal and harmony. Green can also be considered the color of wealth and good luck. Many companies use green to show their commitment to the environment. It is a color that is also widely used by food companies.

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Red is definitely the riskiest color: even if it is attractive, some people may consider this color to be something dangerous, negative. This, of course, because it’s the red that is used for prohibition signs in highway codes and when your phone’s battery is drained. This color can inspire blood, anger, danger.

However, this color is used to assert itself: the visual identity of the biggest brands consists of red. We can specifically cite Coca Cola or Nintendo. Red can also inspire love, passion, strength.


Orange is a bright and cheerful color: it represents energy, youth and vitamins. For example companies selling citrus products such as Fanta often use this color. But other big companies, such as Burger King’s new visual identity, are using this color to attract attention while inspiring joy and energy.


Pink is the color of femininity, love and sensitivity. Used more often in women’s brands, pink catches the eye by clearly defining the company’s territory. If Etam, Barbie and Closer use pink to attract female customers, other brands such as LG and Lyft use pink to convey emotions. Therefore pink is not exclusive to the female sector!


Purple inspires peace, spirituality, mystery and even magic. It is a color that is widely used in clairvoyance, in chocolate and many other areas! Purple is widely used by brands in their visual identity.


White color is used by brands who want to show minimalism. This color inspires purity, marriage, innocence. White is often present in visual identity to bring a touch of modernity and sophistication.


Black is the most universal color in visual recognition. It often inspires luxury, power. The biggest brands like Dior sport an all-black logo: it’s the classic color of the big brands, with the minimalist logo being only textual.

Of course, it is possible to mix colors and create your own palette! However, don’t use too many colors for your visual identity unless you’re going for a multicolored concept like Google, eBay or even Toys’R’Us.

We hope this article has helped you choose the right color for your visual identity! Remember to choose a palette that suits you and your business.

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