Virtual reality, what opportunities for brands?

Some declare it as the technological revolution of the next 10 years… I named VR (Virtual Reality)! The approaches brought by virtual reality are vast and the fields of applications are numerous. While GAFA has invested heavily in nearly all of VR-related R&D, where are brands in the integration of this new medium? What marketing opportunities can advertisers look for in terms of user experience?

virtual reality, business as usual

Facebook and its headset Oculus Rift (on sale in France at the end of September 2016), google and its Cardboard low cost, sony and samsung and their headsets morpheus And Gear VR, The entertainment and internet giants are clearly engaged in the virtual reality race. But what is Tim Cook (Apple CEO) doing, will you tell me? Business Insider recently reported on Apple’s firm intention to invest heavily in VR with the help of Pokémon Go. So Hi-Tech Locomotives sees VR as a new El Dorado, making it possible to foster a potential growth driver in a cycle of about ten years. On the advertiser side, marketing initiatives/tools are more marginal, but some are experimenting with this new medium with intelligence and creativity.

Mark Zuckerberg introduces virtual reality

VR Branded Devices

Online, offline, instore… Augmented reality has taken over plural universes. From tourism to museums, sports halls and textiles, the promotion of customer experience is at the heart of brand issues. According to Robert Hoff, contributor to Forbes and MIT Technology Review, it’s no surprise that marketers are increasingly turning to Facebook’s Oculus, which Mark Zuckerberg calls “the next medium of communication.”

Packed in VR Mode, from Mc Do to Alcatel

In Sweden, Ronald’s firm offered a full VR ski race for children to have a virtual experience through the Happy Meal Box. promise ? Perpetuating the magic of the legendary Happy Meal box… a little sleeker perhaps in the packaging series, Alcatel announced a box that can be turned into a pair of virtual reality glasses to market its latest IDO4+ and IDOL4S devices.

press side…

In the United States, The New York Times distributed 1 million cardboards to its readers to promote their new NYT VR business. The mobile device is at the heart of this new strategic pivot for the NYT, diversifying traditional editorial content with multimedia (a format so beloved for social networks). While some are still looking for their model (Paperweight VS Online), others understand the value of a variety of media and editorial content types to enrich the customer experience.

“Place yourself in an immersive virtual-reality experience at the center of our stories. ,

Increasing tourism and outdoor initiatives

On June 17th, Samsung hosted an exciting event on the BNF Esplanade, which included meeting with dinosaurs, surfing the legendary waves and skiing on the black slopes! The possibilities offered by VR open up possibilities in terms of brand experience. Sensation makes it possible for brands to be permanently imprinted in the memory of customers. Illustration with Samsung:

The North Face has deployed a VR application in its stores in Chicago, NYC and San Francisco that allows you to hike through the eyes of “explorers” in legendary Yosemite Park, or the Moa Desert in Utah.

Eric Oliver, the brand’s director of digital marketing, said: ” Every brand wants to create an emotional connection with its consumers. The mission of our brand is to inspire a taste for exploration. So we thought it was a good way to strengthen our story by using technology to get people out there. ,

On the tourism side, we can already imagine the means to spark immersive thanks to VR. Valmorel Ski Resort offers to display its ski area and resort activities in summer or winter mode via a dedicated application. In early 2016, Club Med inaugurated its new Champs-Elysées agency by announcing the integration of VR into its customer acquisition system. From their couch or directly at a branch, customers can visit various Club Med villages. The customer experience is highly…

Cannes Lion and VR in the background

This 63rd edition of Cannes Lions has ranked VR everywhere: NYT VR comes with two grand prizes (entertainment and mobile). As Pascal Beuchler (MSL Group) underlined: “Reading an article is one thing, seeing a report is another, but being in a canoe next to an African teenage refugee is another”. Other campaigns have taken center stage, such as “Dream Adventures” (180 LA for Expedia) and “Museum of Feelings” (Ogilvy & Mather).

new movie experiences

Virtual reality opens up mind-blowing perspectives (and I’m weighing my words). Google Spotlight Stories’ “Pearl” animation project is an example. Storytelling, creativity, emotion… a groundbreaking experience at the heart of a young girl’s life who follows her father on his tours and whose journal fast company Said virtual reality is the best way to watch “Pearl”: “Some movies take you back to your childhood. Others make you feel the complete freedom of adolescence. And finally, there are those who put the weight on the shoulders of the parents. Pearl It does it all in just six minutes.”

We let you put your smartphone in the cardboard and enjoy this little moment. We like it a lot!

This article was written by Remy Pyre, Consulting Director, Malabar Design Agency.

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