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Each year, Nespresso Talent awards amateur short films that will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. his 6. ForI This year’s edition, the brand is dependent on TikTok… what does it give?

Demonstrate innovation and creative spirit

This year, Nespresso’s branding strategy turned to TikTok to engage a wider audience, demonstrate innovation and a more disruptive spirit, in an authentic and engaging way. Nespresso Talent invites creators to submit short films shot in a vertical format of two to three minutes around a theme on TikTok.

The theme of this year’s annual short film competition is ‘Doing is everything’. And Nespresso wants to see the TikTok community showcasing their creativity and explaining this theme through the brand hashtag challenge #NespressoTalents.

Participants will get a chance to win special trips to have their film screened at major film festivals this year, including the Cannes Film Festival. The winners will also benefit from training with cinema experts and a check for €50,000.

To further boost the TikTok campaign, Nespresso is now conducting a premium Topview placement in the United Kingdom. So this will be the first video that everyone will see when they open the app. There will also be places in the feed over the next few days.

Tiktok: Effective for telling stories

As part of a digital marketing campaign, TikTok can be a very effective element in telling stories to audiences that other platforms don’t. This use of the platform and a branded hashtag challenge by Nespresso is a perfect demonstration of that.

Indeed, while Nespresso is looking for new types of filmmakers to participate in its global competition, its community is already creating incredible engagements and stories.

Is TikTok the future of digital marketing?

Influential content on TikTok allows brands to collaborate with unique personalities who have built up online loyalty, and video content naturally allows creators to share their personalities with a static image. The nature of short and fast video content created by TikTok users is also appealing to consumers as it feels real, far from fluid, scripted ads that are automatically presented as content for sale rather than engaging. Huh.

Thus TikTok has opened up a new type of marketing opportunity for businesses. The platform promotes a type of raw marketing that is unconventional. From video marketing campaigns to trending hashtags, brands are really starting to take advantage of the market. Not only this, one of the best opportunities that businesses can take advantage of on TikTok is influencer marketing.

TikTok has really rocked the digital marketing world in which Facebook, Instagram and YouTube had a clear monopoly, but based on the statistics and analysis we are talking about, it is clear that TikTok has disrupted that monopoly. Is done.

Today, TikTok has become the new wave of social media marketing, and brands are trying their best to make the most of these campaigns before they become mainstream and their effectiveness wanes.

For digital marketers and social media marketers, leaving TikTok for now would be an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction. The platform has shown incredible promise and positioned itself as a powerful platform for marketing, and brands should always be looking to create their own strategies for this, even if they want to wait out the problem before executing them. .

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