Use digital to build loyalty?

Are you a little more obsessed with getting new customers? Too often companies focus on acquiring new customers. But some sometimes forget to consider the concept of loyalty. However, it is much easier to charge someone who has already confided in you than it is to charge someone who doesn’t know you at all. The whole strategy then involves consolidating your business. This is where the concept of customer relationship management comes into play. By optimizing and perfecting it, you will retain your customers for a long time and your business will continue to grow on a solid foundation…

Why is Customer Relationship Management so important?

Customer relationship management is used to identify, attract and retain customers. Good relationship management involves placing the customer at the center of company policy. And keeping the customer at the center of your concerns will have a positive effect on your relationship with him.

Thus, customer relationship management involves gathering information and personalizing the resulting customer communication. Customer relationship management should be designed to enhance the quality of your services and thus increase the loyalty rate. Especially since nowadays customers are becoming less and less loyal.

Customer Relations: Customers Less and Less Loyal?

Today we see that customers are becoming less and less loyal to the brand. There are more and more new players in the market. The customers then have a choice from a plethora of offers and then choose the one that best suits them. It is they who are in a position of strength and not you. A study conducted by Living Business (on 23,000 consumers in 33 different countries) reveals that 64% of consumers switch from one brand to another without any hesitation If the first is not convincing and relevant enough in its proposition. It is therefore imperative for a company to embrace this new digital customer relationship to retain and sustain its customers.

You need to understand that today the customer is no longer loyal to a particular brand. He is loyal to the experience you give him. What is its concrete meaning? Well, customers are sensitive to customization, but are also sensitive to innovation and innovation. As a company, you must ensure that you create a customer experience and relationship that puts your customers at the center of your value creation strategy. Only then will you be able to persuade your customers to continue with you.

So if we put in a nutshell, the whole point is to adopt a customer-centric mindset that puts the customer’s interest at the center of (and above all else) the company’s activity. And to do that, you need to be able to provide them with a very personal and relevant experience.

  • How to get such results?

Today, companies that do well in terms of customer relations have three characteristics in common. they are able to:

  • Understand and anticipate expectations digital To provide the best customer experience to the consumers and engage them over the long term;
  • Identification and realization of new opportunities and growth areas;
  • Generate discounts by optimizing their costs and the efficiency of their teams.

Customer relationship management in 2021 is clearly not the customer relationship management of 10 or 20 years ago. In this digital age, companies must succeed in adapting to the new journey of their customers. And tools exist to help them digitize customer relationship management.

Implement an omnichannel digital strategy

What is an all-channel strategy in practice? Well, it is a strategy of using a variety of distribution and sales channels to best meet the needs of consumers or “all-consumers”. An all-channel strategy should allow for a seamless experience when moving from channel to channel.

An omnichannel strategy ensures that you stay in touch with the customer at all costs (since you are present everywhere). so you improve your customer knowledge, to satisfy our customers and build a lasting and profitable relationship. You can also build a personal relationship by delivering personalized actions to your customers through all the contact points you provide (loyalty programs, special events, etc.).

Which channels to choose in an omnichannel strategy? There is no right or wrong channel. We recommend you use only the new web tools as much as you can to build traditional channel relationships. “Traditional” relationships are highly appreciated by customers and you, this allows you to maintain more “genuine” contacts.

By choosing an all-channel strategy, you will be able to collect a lot of data. Remember: Knowing your customers better is the key to optimal customer relationship management. What action can you take then? For example, you can have satisfaction surveys sent to your customers by email. You can also call your customers and ask them for their feedback directly. Or, you can take advantage of the exchange on customer chat to collect customer opinions at some point. The more customer feedback and feedback you have, the more you will know your target customers: their needs, their specific profile, their problems, their position, their expectations and the channels on which they find themselves most. So you Learn more about your customers’ journey, Your exchanges will be more and more personalized. Sales and communication channels will be increasingly optimized for your customer segment. And likewise your customer relationship management strategy will be more effective and efficient.

Collect and centralize customer data

In order to optimize customer relationship management and create an optimal digital customer experience, you definitely need to collect customer data. But to study all your customer data properly, you have to manage to sort all the data to identify which ones are most relevant.

And even before that, once you’ve gathered your data, you need to find a way to keep it in one place so that all of your employees can have access to it. you need at all costs Centralize your customer data If you want to improve the quality of your services and then increase your customer satisfaction.

A CRM tool like Kpulse allows you to centralize your customer data. It collects different data from a single customer. Thus, you benefit from a centralized history of all interactions shared with your customers.

A CRM solution allows everyone to access customer information. Each associate can access customer information in seconds, no matter the moment or location chosen, to provide a consistent quality experience. We also avoid: that a customer receives the same reply two or three times because he has contacted the company through multiple channels. In short, a CRM software guarantees a good level of service, enrichment of customer information, personalization of the offer and finally, loyalty. With CRM tools, so it is also internal organization that is relatively easy. It improves the way your teams work during exchanges with your prospects and your customers.

Personalize the Customer Relationship

Nowadays, the use of CRM is more and more common. These types of tools help in refining marketing strategies. In fact, CRM solutions allow you to better measure the level of satisfaction of your customers. So based on that, you will be able to develop different actions such as offering services or products that specifically meet their needs. Using CRM software to identify customer information also makes it possible to anticipate the specific treatments that certain customers will need to be handed. This may include, for example, processing specific to customers that represent significant value to the company (in terms of purchase volume, seniority or influence and ability to recommend).

Therefore a CRM allows you to establish a more personal customer relationship. By dividing the different types of customers you deal with, you will give your customers the pleasant impression that they are receiving personalized service. Customers increasingly expect that brands will be recognized and benefit from the distinctive and unique treatment. There is nothing more irritating for a customer than having to deal with an interlocutor who is not aware of the context of the customer or the history of his relationship with the brand.

You can avoid this by using a CRM tool. This helps you ensure a smooth and enjoyable customer experience to build long-term loyalty.

in short

More than ever, you need to put customer relationship management at the heart of your business strategy. Faced with fewer and less loyal consumers, you have to think of new ways to retain them. Choosing an all-channel strategy allows you to maintain a privileged relationship with your customers under all circumstances. Any customer-focused omnichannel strategy must deliver a personalized customer experience. To do this, you must collect all customer data to analyze it and accurately identify the customer journey. To be more efficient, consider grouping this data into a single tool to share with your other colleagues. CRM software allows you to collect all the customer data and ensures a good level of service, personalization of the customer experience and hence, quality loyalty.

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