Unsubscribe yourself to create and manage your own online store

Are you planning to launch an e-commerce store, but the thought of paying a monthly subscription turns you off? A new turnkey e-commerce solution, Oxis, offers you to launch an online store at a fixed cost with no recurring charges (besides your domain name). Know in this article…

As you probably know, most solutions for building e-commerce are based on subscription solutions. Such is the case with Shopify, for example, whose offers start at $29 per month.

Oxis differentiates itself by offering a fixed cost, whichever is more is justified. The only recurring fee left with you is the renewal of your domain name from the second year onwards.

The solution offered at 90€ includes the hosting of the store and its lifetime, domain name for 1 year, maintenance and customer service.

Despite this very reasonable cost, Oxis is committed to a quality infrastructure allowing the sustainability of your online store.

Turnkey solution, technical part is managed by Oxis. This will allow you to focus on the center of your business and your marketing. Speaking of marketing, tools are integrated to help you promote your activity, including one that allows you to identify influencers on your topic and monitor your performance. An audience analysis tool.

Support is provided by email, chat and telephone, if necessary.

The idea of ​​an offer at this price, and especially without membership, intrigued us, so we met with its founder, Theo Cadet, to learn more.

Meeting with Theo Cadet, Auxis Founder

Hello Theo, can you briefly introduce us to Oxis?

Hello Sylvain, Oxis is a young and ambitious company with a fresh approach to e-commerce. In fact, we see the online store as an asset that our users can acquire permanently and reap rewards over the long term and without any limits. At Oxis, we treat our online store offerings as a home. Our users become the owners of this house and take full control of it. Our job is only to keep the house running smoothly and to meet the needs of its users.

A few years back, I found myself in the same position, looking to do e-commerce. I tried everything that existed but never felt like I was creating something that really belonged to me. I continued this way for a few years with considerable success until the problem no longer occurred. From one day to the next, a large group with whom I was doing e-commerce closed my shop without any specific reason. After months of talking I found myself with “no finalists”.

It was then that I understood the importance of owning and controlling your business. I wished Oxis had existed at the time, but none of the solutions offered such an interesting proposition. So I decided to create Auxis for people who want to have complete control over their business like me. It is done today, the proposition that we offer not only fulfills this criterion but also fulfills all the requirements that an e-merchant can dream of for optimum growth of their business.

Much of our rate base is narrow as it is based on the value and knowledge provided by our team. The second part of our value base cannot be undermined as it is based purely on physical infrastructure. At Oxis, we chose to keep prices as low as possible while respecting our work and the value we provide. We operate in an unbiased model that allows everyone to be satisfied.

Let’s imagine that my online store is a huge success, does this offer allow me to build an e-commerce site with a strong audience? Is this a permanent solution?

First, if your store is successful, we’ve achieved our goal. What we offer is perfectly suited for a large audience as it has been purpose-built to do so. In fact, our servers are equipped with a large capacity to use and a memory on disk. In addition, each store benefits from SSD and PHP LightSpeed ​​technology for optimum speed.

The subscription-free offer is the essence of Oxis, it is for this offer that we exist. That’s why she always will be. We have implemented a “100 users per day” policy so that the user experience is as satisfactory as possible. We put our users’ comfort before profit. Our infrastructure is designed to support a load that we will certainly never reach. We can say that they are much more than ready.

SEO is important for ecommerce, have you integrated this aspect? Are Sites Built with Oxis Easily Customizable for SEO?

SEO is really the “vein of war” in e-commerce. Everything is in place to optimize the latter, from SSL certificates that store HTTPS titles to SEO compliance tools for pages, products, and articles.

A word for the end?

E-commerce opens up endless possibilities for those who dream big. The new way of accessing e-commerce offered by Oxis will allow those who want to create their own to have access to these endless possibilities.

To learn more about Auxis, I invite you to visit their site.

Article written in collaboration with Auxis.

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