Twitter will allow you to “mention” tweets

Twitter wants to give users more control over mentions in tweets. He may be working on a new feature to manage mentions of his account by other people…

Better control of your Twitter account

Currently, the only way to deal with unwanted attention on Twitter is to block an account, make your account private, or select the “Mute this conversation” option. None of the above is ideal when you just want to distance yourself from a tweet. And muting a conversation doesn’t remove the mention, it just stops further notifications.

Dominic Camozzi, privacy designer at Twitter, revealed in June 2021 that Twitter was working on a new feature that could have a large number of followers. It is “self-mentioning” that will allow them to “mention” one or more tweets.

In Twitter’s initial design, users could click on the menu (the three dots are mentioned at the top of the tweet) and select “Don’t mention in this conversation”.

The link to the user’s Twitter profile will be removed from the Tweet without notice of the post’s author being removed. If users choose to opt out of Tweets from people they do not follow, authors will not be able to mention that user in the future.

Similar to isolating yourself on Facebook, not mentioning will essentially isolate your ID from a tweet and prevent you from being tagged in future replies, according to a mockup shared by Camoji. This feature can also allow you to block specific users from mentioning you in the future without directly blocking their accounts.

A proactive way to control mentions

Users will be able to proactively control their mentions by restricting certain accounts with the new settings.

There will also be an option to only allow mentions from people the user is following. To be even more peaceful, for example, during holidays, users can also suspend all mentions of everyone for a certain period (days, 3 days or 7 days). That way, the user will be sure they won’t be mentioned when they’re away.

If you choose to suspend all mentions, users can choose intervals of one day, three days, or seven days.

Control Mass Mentions

Twitter wants to put in place security measures for occasions when users receive a large number of mentions at the same time. Twitter first alerts users when they get a lot of mentions. This alone can be useful for people who have turned off push notifications for mentions. The alert will tell how many tweets have mentioned the user and how many users have. From there, they can review the tweets and choose to take action if necessary.

more privacy tools

That’s why it would be community managers’ dream! The tested functionality will help put an end to harassment on Twitter. Users will be able to choose who mentions them and will also be able to remove their tag from a tweet that is either abusive or has nothing to do with the user.

It seems that Twitter is trying to promote privacy on the platform. Giving users more control over how accounts interact with them can only be a good thing, especially in reducing negative experiences on the site as Camozy hopes.

Now there is one thing that remains unclear. If Twitter decides to launch this feature, will it be available to all users or will it be limited to Twitter Blue subscription? This is because many features like the Cancel button are only available to Twitter Blue customers.

Let’s wait and see the rest…

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