Twitter Space is now available to everyone!

It’s official: Twitter Spaces now allows all hosts on iOS and Android to record social audio conversations. The app allows you to share and play audio conversations anytime…

Create space channel without any restriction on number of subscribers

Twitter Spaces was launched in November 2020 to rival the popular audio social platform Clubhouse. The development of the new tool is a step towards becoming an all-purpose super app like Snapchat. The Twitter space has actually served as added value for the company to add new communication formats within the platform.

However, as of October 2021, the company is testing a tool that will record audio conversations, although it was previously only available to less than 600 iOS and Android users. But it’s not like that anymore, because Twitter has just formalized that this feature is available to everyone.

Users of the microblogging platform will be able to create space chat rooms without any restrictions based on the number of subscribers. to set a space record and Use Twitter Spaces for Your Brand ,

  • Hosts need to have “Save Space” turned on before launching a new one;
  • Upon entering the space, all participants will see a recording icon, indicating that the space is recording. With Zoom, Twitter will show all Space members a visual indicator to let them know if a particular location is recording with the “REC” (recording) symbol at the top of the screen;
  • Once space runs out, hosts will have access to the full recording for 30 days after the initial broadcast, during which time they can share or tweet it.

Note that the recording option is not enabled by default in Twitter Spaces, so the only way to achieve this is to enable the option before starting the session. Once started, it is not possible to continue.

This feature provides added value to your Spaces content, which can now be re-shared to generate more reach. The update marks the latest change for the social audio platform, which now has significant appeal for followers and general Internet users.

Social platforms continued to move into visually arresting areas throughout 2021, including augmented and virtual reality and the metaverse, but not necessarily all dazzling. Indeed, audio content has always been popular, from radio shows to podcasting, but social audio is fast becoming one of the hottest spaces in media.

Granted, social audio still lags far behind online video, which has the potential to really engage consumers in a big way. However, this is about to change withc Largest social network all moving towards social audio or live audio.

Why ? “What we discovered during the quarantine is that Text messaging just doesn’t give us the emotion and subtlety that the human condition demands., especially during lockdown. On the other hand – apart from this amazing spectacle – Zoom calls and video broadcasts are very taxing for people. We’ve all been on a Zoom call where we’re mostly watching our faces, just to make sure lunch veggies aren’t between our teeth. And we’ve been scrolling through thousands of tweets on Twitter, too, wondering why we’ve followed everyone we’ve followed. Social audio is the sweetest place to be led by leading startup Clubhouse.” (Interview with Kaleido Insights analyst Jeremiah Ouyang)

But whether it’s the Twitter space, Clubhouse or any other social audio feature, you don’t have to be an internet model. You only have to have good thoughts, you have to know how to speak and how to listen. You have to love people.

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