Twitter may add voice effects to the space

Remember, Twitter recently launched its “Space” audio chat platform, one of Clubhouse’s competitors that will allow live audio conversations on Twitter. According to a new report, Twitter may add voice effects to the audio chat platform.

Twitter’s “Voice Transformer” Will Put Effects In Your Voice

According to tech blogger Jen Muncham Wong, Twitter may be adding voice effects to its Spaces audio chat platform, following the announcement of the end of Fleets, short story-type videos. Their research revealed that Twitter was working on a new feature called “Voice Transformers,” which would allow users to change the pitch of their voices or add echo effects.

Wong mentions that the option will allow users to “change their pitch or add echo to your audio”. A screenshot shows what the new option will look like in Twitter’s mobile app.

Twitter has started rolling out Location in its iOS application For a limited group of people in June 2020. The social network then added an Android app in March and a desktop version last April.

This feature allows users to join virtual rooms and start audio conversations with others. Testing began in November 2020, when the feature was only available to a select few users. With the launch of Twitter Spaces, Twitter aims to increase the number of daily active users 300 million by 2023, The feature is currently available for Android and iOS users and competes with other popular audio-only platforms such as Clubhouse. Other platforms like Facebook and Spotify have also announced similar features.

Developer Steve Moser later found a list of vocal effects that would be available in the Twitter space: Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Covert, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Space, Stadium and Stage.

Sound effects may seem like a minor feature, but it can make the app more accessible. Pitch control in particular can prove to be extremely useful for people who are aware of the way they sound in online forums. The voice effect will also allow people who prefer to remain anonymous on Twitter and to hide their voices while participating in Spaces.

Conversations displayed as bubbles

While a live conversation is taking place, Twitter users will see purple bubbles above their timelines. A user can then press the bubble to join the space where the audio conversation takes place. To be part of the conversation, the user can tweet or send a direct message to the session host. The latter acts as a conversation moderator and can add or remove people on its behalf.

Twitter confirms it’s working on a new reply button upvote or downvote “As part of an effort to understand the types of responses that are relevant to you in a convo, so that we can work on ways to demonstrate more of them.”

The company also revealed that the negative votes will not be made public. “It gives people the power to privately express their opinion on the quality of responses without publicly shaming others,” Twitter user researcher Cody Elum said in a comment. For positive votes, they will be visible to everyone as likes on a tweet.

It’s unclear when Voice Transformer will be available to the general public involved in Spaces’ conversation, but the code for the feature is already included in the latest version of Twitter for mobile, so it shouldn’t be too late.

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