Twitter makes creating GIFs so easy!

Good news on Twitter! You’ll be able to share GIFs on your newsfeed. The social network allows you to create GIFs directly from the built-in camera on iOS …

iOS users can now create their own animated images in the app. It’s more than just GIF sharing as this tweet shows.

When you access the Twitter camera in the Tweet’s composer, you’ll see a new “GIF” creation option in addition to “Video”, “Capture” and “Live”. So you can make GIF more easily.

The steps are very simple:

  • On the Twitter app, tap Create New Tweet;
  • Select the camera icon;
  • Select the option “GIF; ,
  • Create your GIF, then share it with your followers.

Once you’ve created a GIF, it’s automatically saved as a GIF in your Pictures folder in your Camera Roll, because it’s not a video.

Your GIF will be displayed looping like this, just like the Boomerang feature on Instagram. It may not be very long, just a few seconds, but it can go viral. In fact, “short videos” have always had a reputation for being creative and impactful content.

A Handy GIF Alternative

This isn’t really new, as in 2019 Twitter made it possible to convert your Live Photos to GIFs on iOS.

This GIF maker feature turns your iOS Live Photos from Twitter’s compose window into a looping GIF.

When you upload an image from your iOS device that you took with Live Photos enabled, you’ll be able to convert that photo to a GIF by tapping the icon on the preview.

The process for the new GIFs created this week is largely the same, except that the steps are much simpler.

Upcoming and new features

In recent weeks, Twitter hasn’t stopped presenting many News and updates for our users, Specifically, he announced that he is developing and testing a new way to limit the reach of publications on his social network. This is the “circle”, which is a way to create a targeted community for tweets so that they are not public to all of the user’s followers.

You might have also missed posting a clip from Spaces. Select hosts on iOS can now capture 30 seconds of audio from the recorded space to share with other users on Twitter.

Hosts will be able to create audio clips from recorded locations that can be shared via a tweet that will also link to the entire recording. The new tool is a way for hosts to increase interest in their space, while highlighting specific parts of a show without having to share the entire recording.

Although the feature that allows you to create GIFs on Twitter is currently only available for iOS users, it’s clearly a simple and practical tool for grabbing attention and building engagement on the network.

And you, what do you think about this new feature?

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