Twitter Launches Super Followers, A New Monetization Option

Twitter has officially launched its new “Super Follow” option, in trial mode for a few months. Some creators may now offer a premium subscription option for special and additional tweets for their biggest fans…

Super Followers: Twitter’s New Monetization Feature

After a few months of testing, Twitter is officially launching a new e-commerce option, Super Follows, starting with a group of creators in the United States who have already applied to participate. . Users will be able to create an extra level of interaction on Twitter with bonus tweets and exclusive interactions, creating a sense of exclusive community while increasing their income.

by defining monthly subscription fee of $2. $99.4. 99, or $9. 99 per month, creators can choose to tag certain tweets for subscribers only, while still reaching their regular followers in regular tweets.

Paid subscribers will be branded with a special Super Follower badge, which differentiates them from unpaid subscribers across multiple Tweets. The badge appears in Feedback, increasing the customer’s ability to interact directly with the accounts they choose to support. For Super Followers enabled accounts, the option will appear on the profile page with a separate button.

This isn’t my first experience with Twitter monetization. Last May, presented social networks tip jar, a way to receive one-time payments for accounts through integration with Cash App and other payment platforms. The trial is limited to a subset of eligible accounts, including “producers, journalists, experts and non-profits” at this time.

what brings Super Follows?

This new feature could inspire Twitter’s most popular creators to be more active on the platform. Once users have signed up to become Super Followers, creators will have a new option to share their Tweets in general or exclusively for those members.

Unique Tweets will then be flagged in the feed, so only Super Followers will know they can see that content. It adds an extra level of uniqueness to the process.

Twitter claims to have built its Super Followers approach on four key principles based on discussions with creators: Fun, Fame, Feeling the Love, Funds.

But it is still in the early stages. Super Follows is limited to a small group of select creators on iOS. This is because only iOS users in the United States and Canada can track certain accounts. Nonetheless, Twitter says it will roll out the new option to users around the world, then on Android and the web.

How to Access Super Followers?

All applicants must respect many Criteria for reaching super followers, the main of which are:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have 10,000 or more customers;
  • Have tweeted at least 25 times in the last 30 days.

The principle of Super Follow is the goal of many brands and companies, which they already do naturally on social networks almost every day. But it will probably be more difficult than many people think, as sharing tweets with a bunch of followers seems simple enough, all it takes is a good plan of animation of your social network and a well thought out social media platform to provide a real added value. Media strategy will be required. For your paying customers.

In any case, this new feature should be followed closely as it could become a valuable asset to Twitter. This encourages “power users” to tweet more frequently and engage with their key audience in the app, increasing their visibility and engagement rates more easily.

Source: Twitter

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