Twitter is testing a “skip discussion” feature

Twitter is improving its options for handling tweets and is working on a new feature. It will provide users with many interesting options…

Twitter is launching a new connected feature “Start Yourself”

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and social media platform that any business can take advantage of. It has many capabilities:

Twitter can also be a useful resource for gathering customer feedback. For better handling of comments and discussions, the forum provides updates regularly.

Recently, Twitter tested a new feature that would allow users to:

  • leave a discussion;
  • Avoid mentioning them again in this discussion thread;
  • Receive unwanted notifications about deleted mentions in discussion threads.

The new functionality is tied to Twitter’s “don’t mention yourself” testing process, adding explicit settings for when you choose not to mention.

As one of the privacy executives at Twitter, Dominic Camozzi, noted in a tweet in June, the test takes into account user feedback so that the platform can correct the tool before it is officially added to the news. Properties.

more control over twitter

Remember, “Start Yourself”, this function of being “disapproved” from a tweet will eventually allow users to “disappear” from a Twitter post. This feature is already present on many other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The new tool will essentially allow users to remove their nickname from the message to leave unnecessary conversations. You can better deal with some of the more toxic behaviors that often lead to mass harassment on Twitter. It can alert you to the app when you start getting “too many” mentions. From there, you can go into your settings and change who can mention them or block them so that “sudden bad situations can be fixed quickly.”

This tool may not stop people from making negative comments, but it can save users the trouble of going through hundreds of toxic replies or manually blocking or deactivating hundreds of accounts.

Twitter is working to add more options over time to control and manage Tweets, with various options:

This new addition is part of an expanded set of mentioned controls that are designed to give users more control over their engagement on the platform and prevent unwanted attention in the app.

Twitter, a Powerful Viral Marketing Tool

Remember, one of the biggest benefits of Twitter is its ability to spread a message like wildfire. Anyone who uses the platform regularly sees multiple tweets going viral every day for being funny, relevant, or newsworthy. These tweets can be from anyone, no matter how many followers they have.

Brands can also go viral with a tweet, leading to instant reach, traffic, and conversions. For this only one post is sent at the right time.

However, given its potential to make content go viral, managing its content, comments and information is essential for a better brand image. This new feature, “Leave this conversation”, is tied to “Annotation Yourself”, the function to be “condemned”, which can help you on several points.

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