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The world of social networks is constantly evolving. What the web packed a day ago is no longer trendy the next day. Finding your way can be difficult. So we’re going to help you find out Various trends of the moment on social networks…


since the arrival of reels on instagram, the format continues to grow in popularity. There have been several challenges posed, such as mini vlogs or a recap of their year 2021 at the dawn of 2022.

These short and dynamic videos leave room for creativity. a reel easily go viral And explode your number of customers, no matter the size of your account. More recently, Meta allowed reels to be posted on Facebook as well, proving the success of the format. Specifically, it allows content creators to share their stories with their Facebook communities.

While generally a lot of fun to make, there are always new trends in the “Reel” tab of the app. This goes through music, special montages or topics covered, such as travel or wellness.


is now in almost all social networks A “story” feature. There are always new additions to this feature to keep it in trend. Recently Instagram changed her look, for something else cool and minimalistwith the little heart on the bottom right like stories which we are seeing.

The immediate and temporary nature of the stories explains its success. Another innovation, it is now possible for everyone and there are no longer accounts that have more than 10k subscribers add link in their stories. Music, Filters and Quizzes promote conversation and appeal to creators and customers.

Posting worked stories using graphic effects, gifs or even templates is in vogue. Stories have been in trend for a long time now.



Number 1 network Tiktok is continuously growing. happen every week new challengesOf new trendsBe it choreography, audio tapes or situations.

For example, for a while, the fashion was to recruit, apply for jobs, or highlight your CV through platforms. It is also TikTok’s way of showing that it is possible to address serious topics, which can be life changing.

New features have been deployed to allow users to give free rein to their creativity with text effects, filters, etc. latest innovation, possibility Make videos up to 10 minutes long. Enough to leave room for stories and scripted videos.


virtual reality

The virtual universe is expanding, augmented reality, headsets and virtual reality games all explode sales. The Facebook group has also changed its name to become a meta like metaverse, i.e. a virtual universe, accessible through 3D interactions.

A world where you can be whoever you want to be, the opportunity to let go of reality and create your own story, is a concept that delights and is well understood by large groups. Everything happens online, and in the virtual universe now. You have to stay informed, as there are constant changes and developments.

Facebook created Oculus Universe, with the console purchased to go to the next world. Many people buy a console and film themselves with it, showing their reaction to the game.

arrival NFT (Irreplaceable Token) has also turned the world upside down, with different universes and cryptocurrency, More and more material is being created and published about it on social media.

virtual reality


Books, podcasts, audio formats are more in trend than ever! Many creators and even brands have decided to join the podcasting world.

Why ? The format is user-friendly, especially with interviews or stories told. he leaves something freedom, because it is possible to talk for an unlimited amount of time, offering seasons with multiple episodes. But above all, the only thing the makers focus on is there is no need for sound, video or images. This format gives a lot of freedom to listeners, who can listen to the content in its entirety without losing anything, compared to YouTube series or videos. Podcasts have a pleasant side, and all topics are covered.

The number of plays has exploded in recent months. In 2022, it’s really trending content.


online shops

The pandemic has had a massive impact on Internet users’ behavior and on the Internet. mode of consumption of the total population. telecommuting, shopping, dining, now more than ever, Everything is done online.

This is the reason that along with online shops, the number of online shopping is also increasing continuously. Whether to build e-commerce websiteor even . Building of; construction of shop on instagramMost of the brands now sell their products through the Internet. Everything is done to facilitate the consumer process, wish lists, the possibility of having products at hand (on Instagram). It is now possible to shop on Instagram without even leaving the platform.

As you may have understood, online stores are far from obsolete.

online stores

The latest trends on social networks have no secrets for you! Your turn to create trending content. Tell us what your favorite trend is in the comments.

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