Trending colors for your marketing campaigns in 2022

What will be the trendy colors in 2022? Like every year, Shutterstock releases its report to help marketers and designers align brand messaging with user interests and trends…

Not surprisingly, the taste changes depending on the cultural climate. What is hot one year may not necessarily be warm the next.

Therefore, brands should use color trends to optimize their marketing campaign. After a very complicated period in terms of health, many of our priorities have changed. Little things mean a lot.

To publish its new Trending Colors report in 2022, Shutterstock relied on data from its users and artificial intelligence (AI).

“2011 has been a year to reflect on the results of what has been. Today, brands and agencies around the world are adapting their color palettes to calm and develop sustainability and balance,” said Shutterstock Creative Director Flo Lau. “We are excited to take our creative ideas to the next level with this year’s report, which includes AI-detected colors to help creatives maximize the impact of their work. With this report We want to provide creatives with the knowledge they need to make thoughtful and impactful choices in everything they create. We are fortunate to have access to the content decisions of nearly two million creators on our platform, allowing us to estimate that See where the changes are taking place. These colors tell us that people are looking for natural, earthy and soothing tones.

Therefore, the color scheme is more subdued, minimal and softer than in previous years. No flashy stars, no neon highlights. Nothing artificial. In the color trends in 2022, there will just be simplicity and subtle elegance.

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Popular colors by country

By analyzing data on the most popular colors used by the region, Shutterstock analysts were able to provide an overall view of trending colors around the world.

green in the spotlight

Shutterstock.AI, based on artificial intelligence, was able to determine that shades of green greatly influenced click-through rates and conversions. Touches of emerald, jade, lime, mint and more make for a splash. Integrate these distinctive colors into your marketing campaigns to reach your goals more.

To inspire you, this palette of green is pretty complete:

Velvet Violet or Velvet Violet (color code #800080)

Not a big fan of purple? However, this velvet violet (or velvet violet) shade attracts the eye with its irresistible magnetism. Not garish by any means, it is soft, supple and the epitome of royalty.

It is an excellent base for attractive creations of the Electric Neon type. It goes very well with emerald or another contrasting shade of green, rather luxurious and dark green.

Pacific Pink (color code #DB7093)

This subtle color, reminiscent of images of a withered flower pressed between the pages of an old book, is about to be a banner year!

Along with other pink and peach tones, it is perfect for creating a unique feeling… This color also goes very well with teal blue, reminiscent of a sunset on a sparkling Pacific beach.

Soothing Coral (color code #E9967A)

Want to give your design work a nostalgic hue? Coral is one of the trending colors in 2022. In addition to combining with dusty yellow and pink, it also goes great with sky blue to complete a casual and natural palette. Amidst warmth, calm, vulnerability, nostalgia, this unusual color thus evokes feelings of comfort and peace.

The results show that peace is key when it comes to choosing colors in 2022. Soothing coral, velvety purple and peaceful pink are a trio of cool colors that Shutterstock says will define the trend colors in 2022.

If you’re looking to create a new design this year, take inspiration from these top trending colors. Whether you’re looking for a design that will last forever or want to refresh your brand, there are plenty of ways to work these color trends into your graphic designs.

Source: Shutterstock

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